Valentine Showcase

Oh  my goodness this cold weather has frozen my brain,so happy to be a part of All things home Valentine Showcase.

Being stuck in my home because of the extreme temperatures has me limited to what I could make for Valentines day.

So I am being very resourceful and using what I already have.

Well you know I love roses and what’s more romantic and says Valentines day like roses.


My roses are starting to dry out,and I actually still like to display them dried.

But I also like saving them for projects.

All you need to make this Valentine heart wreath  is a bunch of dried roses,just the tops,and some thin wire.


Get a piece of wire and figure out how big you would like your heart shape to be.

Don’t make it too big it may not lay right and might look wonky.

Then cut the tips off of your stems and start threading them on your wire.


Keep threading the roses on your wire.

This works best if your roses are not totally dried out.

Mine are still pliable.


Then bend your wire into a heart shape.

You will still have a little wire in the center that is exposed.

Just add another rose head onto that wire,you may need two or three depending on how much wire is left.

That’s it!

Now to hang it I used some lace which I think is pretty and gives it a touch of romance.

Dried roses Wreath

I think I may keep this out way after valentines day is over!

Look around I bet you can think of some fun ways to decorate your home for Valentines day just using what you already have.



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  1. says

    Anne your rose wreath is so dainty and beautiful. I LOVE it. I have some roses in a vase now. I can’t wait for them to dry up so I can make this!

    • says

      I actually keep them in the container for a bit after they start to droop.They start drying even in the water.This made it more pliable to do this project.Then I will wrap the stems in paper towels and rubber band the bunch.I will then hang them upside down to keep the roses straight.But I actually don’t mind if some end up drying a little misshapen.

    • says

      Hi Jeanine,
      I usually keep them out as long as possible sitting in the water.Then I take them out,wrap the stems in a paper towel and use a rubber band to keep them all together.I usually hang them upside down to keep the roses from dropping too much.

  2. Saja Montague says

    This wreath is truly lovely. Year-round. Somehow, my kitchen started collecting hearts in various forms, so I look forward to adding your creation to the mix. Do you think it would work with the sweet baby roses before they dry out? I think I’m going to try them both ways to see what happens. And I love the barely pink color. So tender.

    • says

      Yes I would use them before they totally dry out.But if they do just let them float in a little warm water.I just made another wreath using this method and mine were starting to dry out.I added the roses to some warm water just for a bit.It made it much easier to work the wire to pierce through the rose.

  3. Maryann says

    Hi Anne, i just love this wreath and those gorgeous roses you used. I actually posted about your wreath on my blog with a link to this post .. so I hope that’s ok. I’m waiting for my roses to dry so I can make one too. Hopefully, fingers crossed, it will be as pretty as yours!! take care, Maryann

  4. Karen Chaudoin says

    I dry my flowers that way too. Since I live in NC the summers are too humid and hot to hang and to dry in an attic. I do like you and put a rubber band around the stems and hang upside down. Since I have a dozen drying now I want to try the wreath. Can you share what size wire you used? Thank you so much for your tutorial! Karen C. in NC

    • says

      Karen the wire that I used was not marked I don’t know the gage,but it is really thin wire.Too thick and it would not go through the rose bud.

  5. Nora says

    Love your web site but the advertisements by Chitika drive me crazy! Can’t be disactivated. Really takes away from the beauty of your site.

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