French Vanity Tray

I never know what I am going to come across when I am out treasure hunting,like this sweet French vanity tray,not always knowing what I will find and what I will do with a piece when I find it.

Are you like that?

Do you go out treasure hunting never knowing what treasures you will find?

Or do you have an agenda of things on a ever going wishlist that seems to get longer?

pink faded shabby roses

When I first spotted this I was not sure it was coming home with me,I was looking at this tray and as I picked it up a gentleman told me that he was buying it.

At first I was a bit disappointed but something told me to keep shopping and come back.

So I did,I continued shopping came back and that gentleman had changed his mind because it was still still there on the shelf.

pink roses gold tray

Honestly I am not quite sure what attracted me to this piece,probably the details because I am not big on gold pieces.

roses and a tray

I have never seen a tray quite like this one,love the soft muted colors and the details.

The glass is pretty scratched up,even though you cannot see it in a photo.

But I am never about perfection when it comes to vintage pieces.

vintage shabby french

vintage antique tray

I love the reflection.

Never using pieces as they are intended this will not be used as a vanity tray.

Most likely it will be used as a tray for a pitcher of flowers.

I love adding a pitcher of flowers to a tray,it makes the bouquet of flowers even more gorgeous!



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  1. says

    Anne you have an incredibility beautiful find there. Don’t you just love it when it know it belongs at your home?

    Luv, Jo from Anne’s Attic – Design

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