Paint Recipe And Waxing Kitchen Cabinets

Happy New Year! Today I thought I would share my paint recipe for my walls,and waxing kitchen cabinets.

I often get asked what paint I used on my walls in my home.

French basket

The color was matched up to a paint I had so could not give a specific color.

Here is the formula:

paint recipe

And yes I used the cheapest paint possible Glidden America’s finest.

I know some of you are probably cringing right now.

Well I have to tell you I have used more expensive paint before but when it came to touching up I found that it did not touch up any better than this paint.

This paint covered my previous paint color with two coats.

Being on a budget,painting my walls myself I had to get the cheapest paint and this is it.

Now pictured is semi-gloss this was used only in my laundry room and guest bathroom.

But I used flat in all the other rooms in our house.


I also wanted to review my kitchen cabinets and waxing them.

Let me start out by saying I researched quite a bit before painting my cabinets.

And although I am no expert and never claimed to be one,I have painted many pieces of furniture.

I decided to use Annie Sloan chalk paint on my kitchen cabinets because I thought the process would be easier.

Well I was wrong,it takes just as much work if not more because of the sanding and waxing involved.

But I am very happy with the results so all the work was well worth it.

Make sure to do your research and see what will work better for your home and your cabinets.

There are many options out there,I am just sharing what I did.

Recently I have heard some say you should not wax your kitchen cabinets.

Well take it from Annie herself.

This was taken from Annie Sloan’s site

You can visit it HERE:Annie Sloan

Painting Kitchens

You can use Annie Sloan’s unique decorative paint, Chalk Paint®, on kitchen cabinets using at least 2 coats of paint and then give it two or three coats of Annie Sloan Soft Wax to seal it. Soft Wax is water repellent and strong and makes a good connection to the paint. Chalk Paint® is meant to give character and interest rather than a perfectly smooth ‘plastic’ finish of some paints. Refresh every now and again with some more Soft Wax when its needed. Wipe over with a damp cloth to clean. Using a strong cleaner like Mr Muscle may be necessary for stuborn marks but it will remove some wax and the area will need rewaxing.
No need to sand or prime although in the areas where there is a lot of use like the cutlery drawer it might be wise. I am assuming the kitchen is wooden. If you are painting onto an extremely shiny surface it will not adhere so well but nevertheless we do use it on these surfaces. For somewhere that gets a lot of use like a kitchen a wooden surface provides the best surface, BUT the paint will stick to even glass, and if you have a kitchen you want paint rather than have an ugly laminate then I would go ahead! Some laminates are extremely shiny like glass but some are less so. The less the shine the better the adherance of the paint. (This information came directly from

Yes you can wax kitchen cabinets,but you do have the option of using a poly on them as well.

I chose to wax mine and I only used Annie Sloan wax on them.

Why because her paint and wax were meant to be used together.



My kitchen cabinets were painted and waxed almost two years ago and they still look amazing.

If you chose to wax your cabinets you can reapply when needed.

I can also say that they have stayed looking well too.

I don’t have food splatters and yes I do cook.

If something gets on them they easily clean off.

I also have not had issues with chipping paint.

The paint adheres well and the wax helps to seal it.

Again I am no expert I am just sharing MY experience with her paint.

In fact I am planning on painting a few more cabinets soon with her paint!

If your not sure about using chalk paint on your cabinets do your research and do a test on your piece first.

This was NOT a sponsored post.

Just sharing my  OWN experience with Annie Sloan paint.


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  1. Tawn says

    Beautiful home!! And I love your kitchen. Could you please give me information about the floor covering that you have under the table in the kitchen? Thank you.

  2. says

    I love your kitchen. I have used Glidden as well and didn’t really see a difference between it and other paints.
    I usually use what I have on hand. I love your kitchen. It does sound like it was a lot of work. Using chalk paint is supposed to be easier, but I don’t think it is when you include the waxing process. I still like it for some applications though. Happy New Year!

  3. Anne Boykin says

    Hi Anne, Happy New Year! Thanks for the information especially about your cabinets. They look awesome in your photos. Thanks too for sharing about Glidden paint for your walls.

  4. says

    Wow, your post couldn’t be timed more perfectly! Thank you so much!!!
    Just this past weekend, I decided I want to paint our (pine) wood kitchen white using Annie Sloan. I even picked up one can of Pure White to test it out. Haven’t gotten started yet but did just finish a trunk and cubby with Paris Grey and waxed it. Didn’t quite turn out as I had hoped (not bad, just not what I had envisioned) so my question is regarding your statement that you can use polyurethane instead of wax: have you tried that on any of your other projects? If so, is there a certain type of poly I should get? Guess I’m worried it might “melt” off the paint somehow since it’s meant to work with wax, not poly…

    • Christine says

      Did you put clear wax on before the dark wax? All chalk and mineral paints will “grab” the dark wax and oh, it’s (usually) ugly.
      You can use poly on it if you like. Know that polyurethane yellows, whereas polyacrylic doesn’t. Plus, you clean up with water. After than, if you like, you can use your dark wax again.

      • says

        Yes I used clear wax before using dark wax.Yes the dark wax will grab on to the chalk paint if you don’t do that.Thanks for sharing the tips :-)

  5. says

    Anne, your kitchen cabs look great! I did mine the same way over two years ago and that was before I started selling Annie’s paint. Thanks for sharing~and what a beautifully styled kitchen too!

  6. Christine says

    First, your home is lovely. You don’t have to explain your paint maker choice. It’s what you did and it’s beautiful.

    Second, I actually stripped (God Bless Citristrip!) Reuse Center cherry and oak cabinets and love them. I didn’t want to use polyurethane because it yellows, so I used ASCP clear wax. Oh, so gorgeous! However, (big “however”) I quickly discovered cleaning the insides of them with Windex took the wax off wherever it was accidently sprayed. Ammonia. Sooo. I took Windex and wiped off all the wax. What a waste, right? I still needed to seal this wood, so I 220 sanded it, very lightly and put clear, Polyacrylic (no yellowing) on it. It’s gorgeous and impervious to my cleaning methods.

    I say this here because I don’t think people think about this. when they’re finishing. It’s all talk about durability, splashes, etc. With the germaphobic society we’ve become, you tell me many are going to actually wash their cabinets’ fingerprints with water. There is going to be some kind of disinfecting soap involved. The PAINT isn’t gonna budge, I’ve learned by a spoon run 3x now thru the dishwasher with ASCP Country Gray still on it. But the wax would be the question.

    Anyway, I am currently building 16′ 10″ of floor-to-ceiling cabinets in my MBR out of pallets. I’m sealing them with clear and dark wax. Can’t beat the gorgeous depth the waxes give the wood.
    Sorry for the novel. I love your projects!

    • says

      I don’t use chemicals to clean.I always use vinegar so I personally have not had issues with the wax coming off.But that is probably the same with any wax.And I did not paint the inside of my cabinets.Only the two that I took the doors off.Good luck with your newest project I bet it will be grand!

  7. lizzy says

    Purely precious and a very inviting, homey kitchen….just what a kitchen should be. Thank you for sharing the process….now if I can get the energy to do mine! Happy New Year.

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