Creating A Cozy Home

During the winter months we spend allot of time indoors,It’s  why I love creating a cozy home.

We spend most of our time in our family room with our fireplace on.


That hanging candelabra is a recent deal from decor steals.

I felt that this room was lacking something ,and adding a working chandelier was not an option.

When I saw this pop up on Decor Steals as part of the daily deals I ordered quickly!

I love the look and feel of this piece.

The color works well in here too.

If I painted it white I think  it would get lost in a sea of white!


I added candles for decorative purposes only!

Never,ever burn candles next to a wall or ceiling!

Blankets are always close by and I love my shawl.

I have several of these and they keep me nice and warm while sitting next to the fire.


Speaking of keeping nice and warm,this cedar chest that I painted white is great storage for our blankets.

It keeps them close at hand,but keeps the room tidy when we are not using them.

And it works great as a table or an added seating area if we have a big crowd.

I love multipurpose pieces don’t you!

I also decided to add my vintage pink blanket to our sofa,I am loving the pink and brown together.

For a short time I tried living with a sofa slip cover,but the white was driving me nuts with our cat.

I think a slip cover that is custom made and easier to put on and take off would work better for us.


Yes  I  love adding fresh flowers to my home,it’s a must here during the winter months.

I have decided to keep things a little simpler around here.

On my mantle I am leaving my layered frame and mirrors,and just added my hurricane lamp collection.

And on the right side my newest addition to my collection.


My chippy pink step ladder makes a great little side table.

I really love using my heavy mugs for coffee,but when it comes to tea I enjoy it more in one of my delicate cups.


Let’s go into the kitchen.

As I said I am doing less around here as far as accents.


On my ladder above my sink I decided to keep things simple,I just kept those architectural pieces up on top of my cabinets.

I seem to drink more coffee and tea this time of the year too!

Yes a good cup of coffee or tea warms me up and makes me feel warm and cozy inside.

I decided to  add my vintage stool in my kitchen.

For photo purposes it is staged next to my sink.

But I am keeping it at the end of my island.


Let’s be real here,just doing this for a photos no I don’t normally keep a stool with rose petals next to my sink.

But it makes a pretty photo don’t you think.

I have been playing around a bit more with my camera trying different settings,and soon I will be taking a photography class.

Yes it’s time to really learn my camera settings and lighting.


That bamboo runner is from decor steals.


I love this sweet and delicate apron.


I thought it would be pretty to add a candelabra to my table.

Not sure if it will stay here or not,but it does look pretty.


I do enjoy my scented candles in my home,and I seem to enjoy them more during the winter months.

This candelabra brings a nice soft glow to a room,and it does make it feel cozy too!

Hope you will click on the links below and visit each one of the homes listed.

I hope with each visit you will be inspired.




Jennifer Rizzo

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  1. says

    Your Living area is gorgeous, and that chandy does add an elegance to the space. I adore the pink throw on the couch. Brown and pink work so well together. The flowers add such a loveliness for sure. Love your warm and inviting home!

  2. says

    Anne everything is truly lovely! It’s all so cozy and warm and yet still bright and airy which is so welcome during the long winter months. Well done! So glad we’re sharing a tour day! :-)

  3. says

    Beautiful Anne. I love the fire going and the cozy throw on the chair. The romantic feel the candle chandy gives to the space too. So pretty.

  4. says

    Anne, perfectly cozy, and perfectly beautiful.
    Love the chandelier addition, I had a friend who called in a carpenter who ran an electrical outlet in the center of her front formal room ceiling for an electric chandelier that she hung onto for years and I suggested she call this contractor who wired the spot and hung the chandelier for $200.00
    We often tell ourselves not an option u til we see the job was not that hard or that big to have done it, then we say why did I not do this a long time ago? :)

    It’s beautiful Anne, and of course I love how far you have come with all that you have accomplished with your design style, the kitchen is so cozy in all it’s whiteness, and so inviting.
    Will see you soon and all the newness you will be inspiring.


  5. says

    Oh, Anne….it is just so pretty!!! I love the pink and brown together as well. The chandy was a great idea!!! My hubby gave me a drying rack for Christmas for my mugs. Still trying to figure out where to put it! Again, just so pretty and romantic for winter! ~Christy

  6. says

    Oh my goodness your home is just beautiful!! I LOVE the chandelier and the candelabra!! I love the idea with your ladder too. Thank you SO much for sharing your beautiful home, it’s inspiring to me.

  7. says

    Anne your pictures are always so serene and calming like ethereal how do you get the pics to look like that. It’s just the opposite of like sepia tones all so pure and white how do you do that ?I love it. susie

    • says

      Thank you Susie….hmmmm I don’t know.I have so much to learn about photography.I do try to take my photos on a cloudy day.Sometimes on a sunny day or too much light I will get too much glare or back light.

  8. Vanessa Prohaska says

    I love how calming, beautiful and serene your home is. The roses here and there makes it more lovely and enchanting.

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