Should I or shouldn’t I?

Hello Friends lately I have had something on my mind.I have been dreaming of a kitchen that looks like this

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                                  And this……

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                                  And this open cabinets..hmmmm

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                                  All this yummy white has me dreaming…

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What is the common thing these kitchens all have?White cabinets of course.I love this look.So fresh and clean.So warm and inviting.I just love it.
Here is my kitchen

These photos were taken right after I painted my kitchen and family room.You can still see the old color in the back ground in my dining room.
I am going back and fourth deciding on painting.I recently spoke with a friend and she thought I was crazy when she heard I wanted to paint my cabinets.She thinks that they are beautiful.Not sure I would say that.Although I will say they are not ugly.They are 6 years old.These are actually a builders upgrade.But will painting them ruin them?Don’t you think painting them will bring out the details?The appliances are going to stay.I cannot change those.And the counter has to stay too.No budget for that right now.This is what I would LOVE to do.
Paint the cabinets a similar color to the walls.It is a warm white.Add bead board to the ends of the cabinets and wrap it around my island.Add knobs.Get rid of that desk in my kitchen.I want to rip it out and find an old desk that would fit in that spot.Needs a new chair too.And also replace or change the stools by my counter.So back to the question what would you do?Would you paint them?
I also have thought of taking a few doors off.I am considering the cabinets on each side of my sink.I would have to display neat and clean cabinets.I guess I would have to paint the inside of those too hmmm how would that work?I store my dishes on one side and glasses on the other side right now.
And how about white cabinets.Do they start to get dirty and dingy.Even with knobs do they stay clean?Or are you always wiping them off?Remember I am a neat freak.What do you think?I am open to suggestions and opinions.Still have to mention this to Mr.Cottage.I am sure he will be fine with it.But I suppose we should chat about it too.
Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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  1. says

    Yup, I completely understand. My cabinets are 2 years old & I totally want to paint them, and the walls and the ceiling and the trim… Home Depot is offering that new Rustoleum paint your kitchen cabinets product that is under $100 and you don’t have to strip or sand your cabinets. I say GO FOR IT!! I am totally going to paint my cabinets – hopefully this year. After I finish painting every other surface in my house. Wonder if you can paint rugs??? lol

  2. says

    So far as decorating goes, do what makes YOU happy! Some people think wood is sacred ground. Though wood IS beautiful, so is a white painted kitchen! This is one time you can follow your bliss and do what YOU like without it affecting anyone outside your family. And your family wants you to be happy and enjoying your cozy kitchen. :)

  3. says

    I say go for it!! Every single one of your inspiration pictures has white cabinets, obviously this is what you want! Just make sure to blog about it all the way, so that we can follow along!

  4. says

    Paint them! They would look wonderful and it would make you happy! I love a white kitchen, and would love to paint mine, but they’re only 6 months old, very good quality, and since I’m not planning on keeping this house forever, I hesitate to paint them.

  5. says

    Anne, my cabinets were a dark color and I painted them white several years ago and have never regretted it. Then I went back and took the cabinet doors off of some of them. All my dishes are ironstone and they are now shown off. I love that look too. So go for it! :)

  6. says

    Paint those suckers! They will be fabulous! I’m like you, can’t decide whether to remove doors or not… still pondering that. They don’t really get that dirty, so i wouldn’t worry about that part…


  7. says

    Now, I’m sure you know my answer…I would paint them in a minute…white cabinets are not too bad to keep clean…and I am not a clean freak, by any means:)…I would just make sure to use a very good quality paint…oil or the new hybrid oils they are making now…(my husband is a painting contractor so he knows all of the technical painting stuff-so you can email me if you have any questions)

  8. says

    I was facing the same dilemma – but I painted them and have not had a single regret. Even after a year, I still am in love with my white cabinets. Paint!!!

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