To Paint or Not to Paint that is the question.

There was a time not too long ago that just about every thing I brought into my house was painted white.And if it was not painted white I would paint it myself and age it.Oh there were other pieces I would find if I was lucky to find that vintage jadeite green.Or that soft shabby chic pink.I guess we all have our own interpretations as to what shabby chic is.To me it was soft colors.Chippy worn pieces and roses.
This is a photo of our last home.As you can see wood floors,white trim and doors.And of course white furniture.
I really loved this look.But when I moved into our next home I wanted a change.No more soft colors,or white furniture.I really did not know where my decorating would lead me.I painted our walls a more neutral color.It is a creamy gold color.I had the chance to have white cabinets put in but I chose to put in a warm wood color.Something more traditional.I was not looking for too many antiques or vintage items.In fact I sold much of what I had because I wanted a different look.
This year we will be in our home for six years.Wow I can’t believe it.And you know what?I am slowly going back to my vintage look.It is a bit more rustic now.You might even say a little farmstyle.Although I really don’t know for sure what my style is.
So back to the question of painting.There are some pieces I could NEVER and will NEVER paint.Some things in my opinion are not meant to be painted and here are two examples.

I found this at an antique store years ago.It was carefully moved here but me.I did not trust the movers.I just love the patina on this.And that curvy sexy glass WOW.Never going to paint this.

 This is my Husbands Grandmother’s sewing machine cabinet.This will NEVER be painted.I LOVE the patina on this.

 This was one thing I painted years ago.My daughter was taking a nap.And I thought hey why not paint the …….piano.It is from my husbands family.And I really did NOT like the condition of the wood at all.This is one thing I am very glad I painted.I really love it white.It does not get played much.More as a piece of furniture.
There is one piece I am questioning.I don’t know if I should paint this.

I found this at an antique store recently.I just love this.As you can see the details are amazing.

They however did not do a very good job on repairing this.

But look at those roses WOW

I could paint this and recover it.I have not done recovering before so I would be a bit nervous.But right now I am enjoying all the imperfections of this piece.
All of these pieces are in the same room.I mixing wood furniture with white pieces.I really love the contrast.You will see this throughout my home.
I have several things I am going to experiment with Anne Sloan paint.Probably  not until the spring when I can air my home out a bit.Too cold to paint here now.I even think I am going to re-paint my house.GULP…did I just say that?I must be crazy.I painted our home myself.I hope I am up to the challenge.My home will be a wreak.But I have a few months to think about where to start.Tonight I think I will head over to home depot and see if I can find any paint swatches that I like.I want a lighter color on my walls but not white.Any suggestions?
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  1. says

    Everything is so beautiful! That curved curio and the sewing machine cabinet are lovely. I wouldn’t have painted them either. The piano, however, looks great. I have always wanted to find an old upright to paint (and to learn how to play).

    The patina of the chair is beautiful, but I would paint and recover it. It’s a shame that the repair on the seat was done so poorly; the needlepoint is so pretty.

  2. says

    Someday I’ll get to actually visit you Auntie Anne! 😉 I already love your house, just from looking at all the pictures, and there are such beautiful things out where you are!!! We have no good antique/resale stores here…*sigh*

    It’s beautiful!!!!!!! I love the first picture in this post, the angle is great! ;D Awesome post, I love your blog! The design works great with your posts too!!! 😉 I’m glad you like it!

    Hugs and kisses,
    Grace <3

  3. Radamés says

    Hi, I loved you blog!
    I just want to make you a question: which is the brand of your white piano?
    I loved the design and I would like to find one of those.

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