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Let’s see how many times can I change my studio.I know I changed it recently.But my studio craft room is my space.My own personal space to create.And well it’s not always picture perfect.

I seem to clean this room the most.


Not only do I create in this room but I also store all of my found treasures that I will soon be listing in my shop.

Soon to open right here on this blog!

I have lots of boxes I have been saving for shipping out treasures.

This room was starting to feel dark.

Remember I shared with you that I moved my antique sewing machine in this room.

Well after it was in this room  I just was not feeling it…..ya know?

For now it is put away in storage.

Do you see that door in the corner?

That is the other door my friend Kris from Junk Chic Cottage gave me!

I originally had it in my daughters room.

We were thinking of making a chalkboard door out of it.

But it never happened……and I am glad it didn’t!

It makes a perfect backdrop for my mannequin.


She is a little revealing….I may have to fix that!

That cute chalk sign was a gift from Kris too,I thought it would make a nice white lace cottage sign.

Now I am sure you noticed the curtains have changed.

I found some Laura Ashley curtains while out thrift shopping.

I was not sure what I would do with them originally but I loved the roses.

They were a little too bright for me so I used Rit color remover twice.It did tone it down but was still a little too bright for me.

After looking at them I noticed I could faintly still see the fabric on the other side.

So I hung these up inside out,and I cute all the fufu ruffles off.

I do like ruffles but these were a little much for me in this room.


Since this is my studio craft room and my space I figured I could go a little crazy with my flowers.

I like keeping my roses and hydrangeas,this is the room they are dried.

I found this old stand that was a broken lamp and just use it for hanging my flowers while they dry.


Most everything else stayed the same.

I just moved a few things and added this sweet painting.


This screen is changed often.

I like adding what ever inspires me.

Old photos,ribbons from packages I receive or artwork.


Suitcases stacked on top of one another are decorative but also serve as a function to store bit of fabric.

That white truck serves a purpose holding paper scrapes and packing material.





I am always picking up lace scraps while out treasure hunting.

This lace is not only pretty to look at  in this two tiered basket but is often used for crafts or for wrapping packages.


My brushes get allot of use.These are a few of my older ones I keep on hand for painting those pieces that have lots of nooks and crannies.I don’t mind if these get a little misshapen.

I have a more changes coming  so stay tuned…..



I wanted to mention  about a comment I received on Hometalk .

Someone left me a comment on Hometalk stating that a man must not live in my home.

Actually he was referring to  my bedroom make over.

News flash my husband is as manly as you can get!

He is secure enough in his manhood to live with some feminine touches in a home!

I am very luck is my awesome,wonderful and amazing husband!



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  1. says

    Oh my, what a wonderful space and I love how you have everything accessorized. Gorgeous. I would love for you to link up to my ongoing Inspire Me party. This is definitely inspiring. Hugs, Marty

  2. says

    Your room looks great! My husband is secure in his manhood too :) It is funny–his friends never give him a hard time about our girlie house. They always say I do a nice job of decorating…it is actually woman who tease Jerry about living in a girlie house. I think they are just jealous!

    Your room makes me want to be creative!

  3. says

    OHHHHHH I have always said your kitchen was my favorite room but now it has some competition with this craft/office space of yours. Ohhhhhh I just love it all. I am so happy the door from me is in that room it looks great. Sometimes people with comments!!!!! I had someone tell me how beautiful my style was and how she loved my home but she had a “man to please” WHAT?!!!! My husband Terry as you know is a fireman and as manly as they come and he is secure enough to live in my white ruffle cottage!!!!! I think we are lucky ladies to have men that want us to express our style and make our homes special. So I think you just have to let that comment go!!! I just love love love that craft room.

  4. says

    Your office is always so beautiful and I like that you keep changing it up to try it make it suit you and your needs. The basket with all the fabric in it is so pretty. I also live with a man that is very secure with himself and doesn’t care if he lives with feminine touches. My husband kind of goes with the flow and he is masculine enough not to worry about it and really doesn’t have the time with working in NYC. He just is happy at home when he has time to relax and look around.


  5. says

    Anne, what an inspiring place to work! lol I laughed about your husband. At one point my living room was pink and white…and someone said the same thing to me….my response was almost identical to yours! Isn’t it wonderful to be married to a REAL MAN!! ~Tammy

  6. Susan says

    Puleeeeze….my hubster resides in a purple (as in lavender!) master bedroom with white bedding, white wicker and lots of lace. Our bathroom was designed around MY dresser jar collection. Every now and then I realize that there is not an ounce of manly decor in most of my home…especially considering my pink living room walls! Makes my hubster stand out even more :) Love your home!!!

  7. says

    Oh, your craft room is so darling, Anne, and SO much room. I wish my little Snuggery was bigger. One project and you can’t even move in there. Think I will have to ‘rethink’ it..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  8. says

    I’m always changing my studio around too Anne. I love going in there to straighten and mess around with all my little treasures. SO soothing and I rediscover all the things i love too.

  9. says

    You’re so lucky to have your own studio/craft space Anne! It is just lovely, and I really like the ‘number’ touches here and there (stencilled numbers), plus the chalkboards. You must be so inspired in here!

  10. says

    Lovely blog…I just checked out your master bedroom, as well. I have to say that I am not lucky enough to have a craft room, but I would be happy if ANY room in my house looked like this! Absolutely lovely!! I need to go peek around some more now…did someone comment and mention your kitchen?? I can only imagine how pretty that room must be! :)

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