Setting up my Coffee Bar

Before setting up my Hot Chocolate station HERE I had already set up a Coffee bar.

Love my coffee maker.After years of breaking those glass carafes I bought is and it works out perfect!
That white bread container is storage for my coffee and filters.

My favorite white mugs.

In the cabinet above the coffee maker I have a tray basket I like to keep my white tea pot and container with my tea.I love drinking tea at night.
Coffee is my go to perk me up get me going drink.Tea is my calming and relaxing drink.

Gearing up for a big winter storm coming our way.No snow on the ground yet but we will be getting plenty of it soon.
How is the weather where you are?
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  1. says

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm coffee, I can smell it now. I love both coffee and tea and hot chocolate. Sigh. Your coffee bar area is sweet, love your breadbox!


  2. says

    I love your big white bread box for holding all the necessary stuff!

    It’s been a winter wonderland in northern MN for a few weeks now. The trees are frost covered and the ground is white. Nothing makes me happier than a white Christmas! Have fun hankering down with a cup of joe while it storms outside!

  3. says

    This is so adorable. Just like in a B&B to come down and get your coffee. So sweet. I think you may live near me in Chicago so you know we are up for some heavy snow tonight into tomorrow!!!! After Christmas that can all go away. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. says

    Well, since you asked, Anne, our temperature is dropping to 29 degrees tonight and it will probably be the coldest night of the year so I cannot imagine the storm you are about to experience. How do you tolerate such freezing temperatures? Even the dog is complaining about the cold here which means she will be in advanced snuggle mode tonight. Stay warm!

  5. says

    Oh Anne, I love your coffee bar :) I set up a hot cocoa station mainly for my son and he has such a great time making his cocoa.
    Merry Christmas to you!


  6. says

    Your mugs, look just like my coffee mugs. I search for those heavy white ones at the thrift shop and collect them. I love them, i have favorites too. Love the idea of a coffee bar, and the basket with the tea fixins is so cute.


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