An Early Christmas Gift…Mary

I am sure you noticed that I have a fondness for Mary statues.I am not Catholic but there is something beautiful about these statues.I have two of these and recently was given one as a gift.

After a recent visit with  my Mom  she noticed my Mary statue in my dining room.Along with my Rosaries she questioned why I have these since I am not Catholic.

I told her that I find them beautiful and love to display them in my home.After speaking with her she told me that she had one that she wanted to give me.
When she handed this to me she had told me this is one she had since she was a small child.She painted this when she was in kindergarten.But she had it tucked away for years.

 I asked her why I have never seen this.In all my years of childhood I have NEVER seen this sweet Mary statue.She could not answer but to say it was just put away.
In all the times I moved as a child and there were many,many moves I have never seen this statue.
She is in amazing condition considering her age and the times we moved.

 This was an early Christmas gift from my Mom.
My Mom does not know it but this really means so much to me.
A family heirloom that is priceless to me.
Something I will cherish always.
Something I will give to my daughter someday.
And she will give to her child and so on.
Touched by my Mothers hands as a child and now is so special to me.

She is lovingly displayed in my china cabinet in my kitchen for all to see.And this Mary has a story!
Thank you Mom!

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  1. says

    I am Catholic and have a very special place in my heart for Our Blessed Mother…she is the Queen Of Peace!!! I LOVE your statue…it is so sweet and simple..yet so powerful. Enjoy your special gift and may the peace of Mary always bless your home!!!! Debbie Vintage On A Dime

  2. says

    That Mary is beautiful. I am not catholic either but the symbol of Mary is still something I love. I know what you mean–it means so much more that it has been in your family than if you had found it at a thrift shop or something :)

  3. says

    Beautiful story Anne, there is something about Mary, and I agree with you, peaceful protector.

    Thank you for taking out of your business reading for the holidays to visit me and the joy of Romantic Country magazine feature. It was such an exciting experience I will never forget, Fifi and Mark are amazing, and a joy to be in there company.

    Thank you for sharing your heart over here.
    Keep inspiring us with your beauty.

  4. says

    How beautiful she is! That was so sweet of your mom to give you that and I know that it must make her happy knowing that you’ll treasure something that was hers. It fits in perfectly with your home!

  5. says

    we have a Mary statue in every room in our house. I consecrated each of my children to Mary, to ask her for her prayers for them in this world. Today is a very special feast day to Mary, the feast of Our Lady Of Guadeloupe.

  6. says

    This is just such a lovely story Anne. Oh how wonderful is it that you get to be the keeper of this treasure now! She is really beautiful—-and even so much more because she was painted by your mom’s tiny hands.

    Your home is so beautifully decorated for Christmas. I loved seeing all you lovely touches everywhere.
    sending hugs…

  7. says

    Anne, I absolutely love your Mary statue. It’s beautiful. What a wonderful heirloom, painted by your mom. I’m sure you’ll treasure it always.

    I am Catholic and have a special fondness for Mary. I see her as an example of obedience to God, of serenity in the midst of trial, of charity towards others. Whenever I see a statue of her, I always try to remind myself to follow that example.

    Hope you enjoy your family time this weekend, Anne.

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