Scary Pumpkins,A big Ape and Frankie Stein

I know this is a bit late but I am trying to play catch up with  so much! Every year the night before Halloween we carve our pumpkins.

Having a bit of fun with picmonkey!
First we get all the yucky guts out of the pumpkin.
Then we all pick a design and go to it.We all wait to see our designs.
You see this is a bit of a contest.
Tabitha our cat picks out the winner.
There are no prizes it is all in good fun!

Mr.Cottage was not happy with the turnout of his.
In fact he did not want me to post this photo of his pumpkin.
But being the good wife that I am I had to share it.
I mean what is the harm it’s only a pumpkin contest!
My daughter did the one in the middle.
Hers is a cat she used pumpkin seeds for the teeth! I thought this was a great idea very cleaver!

I used a bat design for the eyes and mouth.

Now it is time for Tabitha to pick out the winner.
And the winner is……….drum roll…………

Mr. Cottage!!!!! Yep whatever pumpkin Tabitha checks out first is the winner!

My daughter wanted to go as Frankie Stein a character in the Monster high doll series
.I found everything for her costume at thrift stores
.I love how it came out
.So funny no one recognized her!
And her chaperone was Mr. Cottage as a big scary Ape!

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!

My page design changed a bit again.I ran into a friend that told me she thought it was too dark and did not fit my style.She said she was shocked to see it so dark.So I lightened it up.I hope it is better for all to read!What do you think?

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  1. says

    I think all the pumpkins are cute Anne but I guess Tabitha knows best! Your daughter looks awesome and so does Mr. Cottage. Enjoy your evening, Gail

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