Kitchen Reveal Day!

Hello Friends oh my goodness this has been some project.And I am actually not finished.But now that I have a booth to get ready for it may be a month or so down the road to finishing.And still there will be things I want to change but that will be down the road.I want wainscoting on my island and the sides of my cabinets and eventually a new desk but that will have to wait.I also have to finish installing my hardware.We will do this on the weekend.We ran out of time and needed bigger screws too.I also will wax it one more time and I need to finish painting underneath.I stared it.But still needs a coat and wax as well.The two open cabinets are not complete.The paint (even with primer)was not sticking to the shelves or sides.I will get real wood shelves and I have an idea for the inside too.I also chose not to paint the inside of my cabinets.And I am so glad I made that decision.
So here is my incomplete kitchen.

Nice and bright and finally hardware.Need to install the rest as you can see.But looks great already.

My open cabinets.I still need to finish the inside.You will see that in my other photos.

I will paint those stools.Another project that will have to wait for now.

 As you can see I did not paint my desk or the cabinet above.Not sure if I am going to paint the cabinet above or not.Those little slots will not be fun to paint.And I like the little bit of wood in here.You can see by the arrows that the paint was not sticking.That is what happens with fake wood.The real wood was the facing and doors and molding.

 I love how these turned out.Just the look I wanted.A bit worn and old looking.I did not use any dark glaze just sanded them.Love how the hardware looks.

I am very happy with how this all turned out.I will share how I painted my hardware in another post.But it was all shiny brass.I have some cup drawer pulls I still have to instal.They really turned out great.I am really happy with them.
I am not going to share a tutorial on my painting.But let me tell you this it was not easy at all.
I was not sure what paint I wanted to use.I had done research for quite some time.And I was torn between oil based vs.Chalk paint.The reason I was torn was not the time involved(because this is a big project no matter what you chose keep that in mind) but the look I wanted.I knew that a factory finished look was not for me.I think it looks great and I have seen beautiful kitchens but it is not me.I would not have been happy with it.So I went with Annie Sloan chalk paint.I know some of you painters out there are probably saying “Is she crazy?”. As I was painting I sort of thought I was.But I am happy to say I am thrilled with the results.The color I chose was pure white.I decided not to use old white because my wall color is similar to that color.And I wanted to see a difference between my walls and my cabinets.
BUT…just know even with chalk paint this is NOT an easy one day or a couple of hour project at all! It was messy sanding I tried to be as neat as I could.The wax was turning yellow on my cabinets not sure why.I used Fiddes.I have used that on many pieces of furniture.I have never had that happen.So I had to re-sand…again.I am going to give Annie Sloan wax a try.I will pick up a can next week.I expected it to turn a little darker.But not yellow.So you can see how this turned into a bigger project than expected.This was very messy.
I am glad I used this because it is the look I wanted and it was easier to sand this down than layers of oil based paint and primer.I wanted it a bit worn and sanded down.I would not use this if it was not your intent.You will be disappointed if you do.
I am really happy with our nice bright kitchen.In picking our cabinets out I did not realize how dark it was going to be in our kitchen.And in the winter months here when it is dark and gloomy it will still feel nice and bright inside.
Even Mr. Cottage is happy with the results.And he usually does not comment on things.He was not happy in the beginning with me painting.But is happy with the results.Although he did say this ” I have to admit the cabinets look great.But they looked good the way they were too “. Thanks honey I appreciate you being so patient and trusting me.You are the best!

Today I have to get busy lots of work to be done.I start to move into my space a week from today.
Thanks for stopping by.Hope you have a great day!
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  1. says

    looks great anne!! i can totally see the desk area painted a different color. I’d tape/plastic off the cubbies and spray paint them…brush painting them would NOT be fun. I’ll expand on that when i talk to you…”neighbor” :)

  2. says

    AMAZING transformation!!! What a bright “new” kitchen to go with the rest of your newly painted house. The open cabinets look great on either side of your window to the living room, and I love all the accessories on top of the cabinets (wish I had that space) and the newly painted hardware. Everything is just perfect!

  3. says

    Oh- Anne- It is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Your hard work certainly paid off and you have a showplace kitchen there now! Deep breath now and relax!!! xo Diana

  4. Anonymous says

    i love it so beautiful and i would paint the desk a different color like that yellow bowl but it looks good the way it is too. ang

  5. says

    Congratulations on a job well done! I love the results! I like the fact that they are a little distressed too. I have painted very small sections in my kitchen cabinets but not all of them at one time. I can only imagine how much work it was.

  6. says

    What a project Anne. So worth it though. I love how it all looks now…so lovely and bright! I hate to paint so I know how much work this was. I am trying to get up the energy to just paint my bathrooms and it makes me tired just thinking about it : )
    hugs from here…

  7. says

    Looks amazing! It’s a very time consuming (but SO worth it!!) project. I’m still loving my white cabinets. REALLY lightens things up. I like that you kept the desk area different. Looks really custom and great!

    Well done!!


  8. says

    It looks wonderful! Yes, it is a big job. I’m in the middle of painting mine now – have the uppers ready to go back together so I can start on the lowers just didn’t think I could take the chaos of doing both at the same time!
    Congrats on a job well done!!!

  9. says

    Wow, Anne – they look amazing! I love the little bit of distressing to show the panels. I painted my cabinets a few years back in white oil, with primer first, and it took FOR-EV-ER. But, like you said, the end result is worth it – AFTER. During, you keep asking, “Why did I do this? Too late to stop now.”

    Your white kitchen looks so clean, cozy, charming, light and lovely!

    Nice job, lady!


  10. says

    Oh, Anne, I LOVE it! The cabinets look great white. Your kitchen looks so bright and cheery. What a wonderful gathering place for your family and friends.

    You did a great job!

  11. says

    Anne…I love EVERYTHING I see. I sooo wish my kitchen was even CLOSE to showing. It will be months and months before I can even chat about it. My Mr. will be OUT of school in November and THEN we can talk. Right now we are still in the rip-out-planagram-stage. :( BAH!

    Anyway…love what you have created. Try Annie’s clear wax. I use that instead of colors and the darker wax if I want something aged.

    You inspire me!

    Love, Rebecca

  12. says

    Hi ~
    Your kitchen is beautiful! Love the contrast of white and the darker wood. And that you made the cabinets look a bit worn. Lovely!

  13. says

    OH cabinet envy! …Love the painted cabinets & the open ones …they look so bright & fun…I like being able to grab stuff!
    So very pretty….bet you paint the other one!

  14. says

    Hi Anne, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your kitchen is dreamy! So fresh and bright and I love your vignette on top of the cupboard above the microwave.

    Wonderful job!

  15. says

    oh, anne, your kitchen is so very charming! what a great job you’ve done. i’ve painted 2 kitchens and they were both so much work!

    love the open cabinets, and that you didn’t paint your desk area. love the lights and hardware, too! darling acessories on the counters and top of the cabinets. most of all, i love the light and bright feel of the room:)

  16. says

    (Came by way of Susan, Between Naps On The Porch). I totally agree with everyone else as you did do a wonderful job and the transformation is amazing. Take a bow. :)

    Re Chalk Paint, if ever you have another project you might wish to try the following formula to create your own.
    Mix: l/3 cup of Plaster of Paris (most Home Improvement centers carry it and
    it is dirt-cheap) with 2/3 cup of Latex Paint in your choice of colour.
    Blend well.
    Apply to your project and let thoroughly dry. That’s it!!!!!

    In event you feel: a) it is too thick add a little bit of warm water
    b) you require more, double the proportions.

    To seal: Miniwax Clear Paste Wax works well. Apply and buff to desired finish.

    I guaranty not only does it work well, but it is super economical( particularly if you have some left over paint laying around and want to dispose of it). Also should mention, no sanding or priming is necessary prior to application. -Brenda-

  17. says

    What a beautiful makeover! It looks gorgeous … your painted cabinets are amazing (love the distressing you did, too). Clearly, chalk paint was the perfect choice (I’m addicted to it, too)! Beautiful vignettes, as well. Thanks for sharing. *Becca* (new follower by way of Savvy Southern Style)

  18. says

    I think it looks fantastic, & you should be very proud of yourself for pushing through such a difficult project. Every time I see someones newly painted white cabinets, I take one step closer to doing that with ours, but I’m just not sure yet.

  19. says

    Well, it looks already pretty complete to me. Fantastic kitchen.Boy you are lucky. Now I hope you’ll have time to cook in it, because…. it deserves to be used, a lot!

    Thank you for joining our party. Tomorrow, Wednesday, we’ll pick a few features and open a new party. We look forward to you coming to join in again at

  20. says

    Love the open cabinets – seems to be the trend but i’m not sure i’m organized enough to follow the trend. heehee i also really like the hanging window pane in the serving window! so cute!

    We are running a Before and After Link party to support Habitat for Humanity, with a chance to be featured on other big blogs and win gift cards. Would love if you entered!

  21. says

    Not sure how I missed this , especially since I think white cabs are the have all and be all lol..

    your kitchen looks fabulous.. I’ve never gotten over the thrill of painting my own white and what a massive difference in made not just to that room but to my entire home and my feelings and enthusiasm about it.

    enjoy every moment.
    your newest follower

  22. says

    Gorgeous! Wish I was brave enough to paint my kitchen oak cabinets, but not sure how long we’ll stay in this house so can’t decide. Yours looks beautiful, you did a great job. Hugs ~ Mary

  23. Alison says

    Hi Anne,
    I am getting ready to paint my kitchen cabinets too, and have researched various paints. I too am considering Annie Sloan (Antique White I think) since I live in a 100 year old farmhouse. (I’m waiting on my paint chips to show up) At any rate, my question to you is how is it holding up and how many coats of wax did you ultimately use? Two, Three? I too have “fake” oak interiors which I will not paint, and am a bit concerned about the bit on the underside. Right now they are painted brown, but I think I will prime those first as the smooth layer is delaminating on that 1/2″ edge, but as it is under the cabinets, I’m pretty sure I will be OK…….So, how is your paint job doing?

    • Anne says

      On older wood you can have some bleeding from the varnish.I would recommend using a primer first.If you do that I would not use Annie Sloan paint unless you are going to distress them.If you are going to distress them then yes use her paint.Mine are holding up great! I did used three coats of paint because my cabinets are a dark cherry stain.I also waxed them three times.It is ALLOT of work so give yourself LOTS of time.Also very messy when sanding so be prepared.Waxing them three times really protects them.Eventually I will wax them again.Because they are protected with wax slashes wipe off.I would also recommend using her wax as it does not yellow.But it must dry fully before you can buff.For more information if you have questions I would recommend visiting
      If you are not sure I would also paint one door to see if you like it.Easy to strip one cabinet them all of them.
      Hope that helps.

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