What’s Your Dish?



As I am changing things around and cleaning I came across some pretties I have not seen in a while.


Yes I LOVE my white ironstone it’s a favorite of mine.

But I still love dishes with flowers.

Especially roses.

I used to collect  lots of these.

But only saved the pieces that were really special.

This is one of those sets.

The shape of these cups are so pretty and unique.

I have never seen another set like this.


Just for fun I set up a little tea party.

Don’t those cupcakes look delicious?

Let’s take a closer look.


This is where I tell you don’t believe everything you see.

Because those are not real.

I found those while out shopping at an antique store.

They were using them as a display but selling them.

I thought they would look pretty in some of my photos.

When I brought these home Mr. Cottage and my daughter thought they were real.

And yes that is a clear cake stand in the back of the dish.

I was playing around taking different shots.


But  I think I like the flowers here better.


My favorite little cow creamer.

And this pretty table cloth was a recent find.

White with little pink fleur  de lis.


Some pretty vintage utensils.


Love using these.

But I really hate hand washing them.



I have dinner plates to this set too.

I found these many years ago.

The price was not thrifty.

But I had to have them and I don’t think I could sell them.

Pink is one of those colors that you either love it or hate it.

I really love the color.

But use it sparingly in my home.

With spring around the corner I am pulling things out here and there.

Although I don’t know where to display this set.

Taking this out to enjoy and play a bit.

Do you like pattern dishes or plain?

What’s your dish?


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  1. just cats says

    Those are very pretty. My favorite are white dishes but once in awhile I have to colour things up. It’s so nice to add brighter dishes to the whites just for a change. Gorgeous photos. Deb

    • Anne says

      Thank you Anne! Yes isn’t that pretty?I just found that and was thinking of selling it but I think I will hold on to it for a bit.

  2. Judy Clark says

    Love your dishes! I have a severe addiction to collecting pretty dishes. I just can’t resist. Great photos.


  3. says

    Your cups and saucers are darling! They remind me of the playsets that little girls play with. Speaking of fake cupcakes, I actually saw a bunch of those at Hobby Lobby the other day. They had fake donuts and cakes etc. I’ve never seen those before. They were sold where they sell fake fruits and breads and cheese. My family would constantly try to eat them if I bought them! LOL!

    • Anne says

      Yes I saw those the last time I was at hobby lobby.I really thought these were real when I saw them at the store.These are just going to be used occasionally in photo shots.I won’t keep them out.

  4. says

    Fake or not, putting cupcakes in the middle of a shot is mentally distracting, Anne. LOL I love that tablecloth, and ironstone is always classic. I can see why you kept the cups and saucers. Great color, and shape.

  5. says

    Anne, I love your little tea party!

    I too love pink but the only place it is found in my home is one of the guest bedrooms.

    I have a bazillion dishes in all kinda of colours but love my pink ones best for my tea parties.

    I adore your china on this post – but thoser faux cupcakes are just incredible- haha so REAL looking!!!

  6. says

    This is such a sweet post. Love the flowers and your tea set. Those cupcakes look so real!!! Love the rose cup and saucers. So pretty.

  7. says

    Those cupcakes really look real–somebody will probably try to take a bite. I love faux food :) I like plain dishes the best I would say, but I like patterned too…I love dishes! Wish I just had more room to store them :)

  8. says

    Those are such pretty shapes (cups), Anne. I love and have a set of pink dishes also but only use them for Christmas and Easter. They seem to fit those occasions. I would never know that those cupcakes are faux. How clever. That tablecloth is precious..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  9. says

    Those cups are the perfect size to ‘cup’ your hands around for that morning cup of coffee on these early cool spring mornings. I can see why you couldn’t give them up. Pretty!

  10. says

    Your dishes are so sweet and look like spring! I can’t believe those cupcakes aren’t real. Maybe that’s the kind of bakery I should buy for my house, low calorie!

    I like to eat off white plates because I think the food looks better, but there are lots of other places to display pretty dishes and cups & saucers. Lovely display!

  11. Seams2be says

    Love your photos, so bright and cheery. I remember all your roses. We are on the lookout for new dishes. Love the old English dishes, especially red transfer ware.

  12. says

    I’m a plain white dish gal. Sometimes I will throw in a bit of green or blue….but white is my go to! I do love the pastel pinks in your dishes :)

    • Anne says

      Thank you Tricia! Yes I agree white is the best.But it’s fun to add a bit of color here and there too! Some plates are a work of art.

  13. says

    You cups and saucers are so pretty
    and I love how you did your tea party setting.
    Are the cupcakes the ones you said was not real?
    They look so real to me from those pics.

  14. says

    Your cups and saucers are gorgeous, I’d never want to sell them either. Everything looks so pretty.
    Those cupcakes sure look real to me, I hope no one tried to take a bite:-)

  15. says

    So many pretty things to comment about Anne. I love those rose cups and like you, I have never seen that shape before. So pretty!
    hugs from here…

  16. says

    Each detail is so lovely! I have a cow creamer that I used to leave out…now I’m wondering where I put it…it’s going to drive me bonkers until I find it….AHHHHHH

    Thanks for sharing such pretty items ~ what a great way to start my morning.

    Hugs, Mary Beth

  17. says

    Your dishes are so pretty and feminine, Anne! I like basic white dishes for every day, but always have lots of pretty mis-matched floral and patterned ones to mix in. Yours are just beautiful.

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

    • Anne says

      Thank you Jeanette! Yes these are fun to pull out for special occasions.But white is still my favorite.

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