1. Beautiful and so calming! Good luck on slipcovers. You can do it. I attempted one last spring. It turned out ok. Hope to try again and get better at ti! Have your patience hat on that day! LOL!

  2. Your holiday decor is just stunning Anne!! Love those glittered stars and all the relaxing, cozy, inviting vibes of your home!! I’m on my way over and I’ll bring the wine! 😉 Happy holidays sweet friend! xo H

  3. Your home is lovely, it’s elegant but still relaxing, looks like a very calm place to be. The Christmas tree is so pretty, I can imagine it sparkling away in the evening. And I have to say, I love your kitchen just as it is! Here in the UK we don’t decorate for the seasons so much as I see my US friends doing, and it’s only a few of us who’ve done our Christmas decor so far, but I’m really looking forward to doing ours in a week or two. Wishing you all the best things of the season!

  4. Anne, the simple look is actually so refreshing and only enhances your lovely home! It’s a delight to be able to focus on your gorgeous chandeliers in the kitchen and all the clean creamy whites throughout… 🙂

  5. YOU, my dear, are a girl after my own heart. Five trees?? I would love that, but I also am loving simplifying Christmas decor, we didn’t even add any lights or decor to our tree this year and it is just lovely. So nice meeting you on the tour!

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