About Me

Let me introduce myself…..
Hi, I’m  Anne
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I started White Lace Cottage LLC because I wanted to open an online shop.
I love to decorate and I wanted to share my passion.
I had no idea that I could actually earn a income  from my blog.
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Let me tell you a little about me.
 When I was a little girl I used to decorate my bedroom.
My bedroom was my special room to make my own.
I have memories of going to garage sales with my Grandparents.
And with very little money I could find unique and special treasures.
Going to garage sales at such a young age made quite an impression on me.
I fell in love with the old and tattered antiques.
There was something special about a piece that was once loved, but still had life.
I felt a connection to these lovely treasures.
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I have enjoyed decorating our home over the past 8 years.
Transforming our newer home, and giving it vintage style.
Yes, my home has changed quite a bit in the three years I started my blog.
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I never get attached to any of my treasures, because I am always finding something new.
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Here at White Lace Cottage, I hope to inspire you to think outside of the box.
Re-purpose, transform and create.
Style does not cost a lot of money, it’s how you put it all together.
I love sharing painting techniques and simple crafts.
With very little money you can turn a thrifty piece into a unique treasure.
My blog continues to grow- I reach over 600,000 a month!
If someone had told me three years ago that I would doing this I would have never believed them.
This is a dream job!
Yes it’s a lot of work, but I get to do what I love, which is create.
I get to connect with so many amazing people;
some who I have met in person, and many I hope to meet someday.
My home has been featured in the spring 2015 issue of  Vintage Style.
I photographed photos of my home for the Spring 2015 Artful Blogging.
And I was a contributor to Romantic Homes magazine March 2015, sharing photos of my favorite things.
My photos were also published in the March 2015 issue of Casa da sogno.
And I also contributed to the May 11th issue of Women’s World.
I also contributed an article on the DIS, one of the largest Disney group boards.
I have collaborated with the following companies: Heritage Lace, Decor Steals, EfexUSA, Lynch Creek Farm, Cutting Edge Stencils, FloraCraft, Balsam Hill, Lowes, WayFair.
Many of the items photographed for the Romantic Homes feature were also available in my shop.
featured publications
I have also been featured in:
My future hopes and dreams for White Lace Cottage is to continue to grow.
Many of my dreams have come true already.
I have new goals and dreams.
I believe that if you work hard you can make things happen.