White Vase

I recently shared that I don’t normally use vases for my flowers,I love using unique pieces,but I just could not pass up on this sweet vintage white vase.

I knew a small bouquet of flowers would look beautiful in this vintage white vase.

pink shabby chic roses vase

Not planning on keeping this tray or this vintage white vase here on this wash stand table,but I knew it would make a beautiful spot for my photos.

All of my favorite things together in a photo!

french vase

Love adding a vase or pitcher full of flowers on top of a mirror.

The refection adds a touch of bling,and a bit of sparkle.

white vase

I am in love with the details on this sweet vase,yet it’s simplicity is so elegant.

vintage vase

lace roses paint

This sweet vase does seem to work beautifully with this French tray.

These roses are from the market,many of my rose’s died over the winter.

I planted new bushes but they don’t seem to be doing well so far.

I am really disappointed because I love going out and picking roses off of my own bushes.

Looks like I may have to find a few more to add to my garden.


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  1. says

    Love your new vase filled with flowers. I like the little gold wreaths on it. I like candles and flowers on top of mirrored trays.

  2. says

    I love that you use the pale pink roses in all your pictures. They are my favorite. I, like you, lost my tea roses from this past winter and my favorite bush was a rose bush that produced pale pinks like yours. I didn’t replace any of the tea roses this year, instead am using knock outs, they are so reliable. But I truly miss my beautiful roses I could cut and even dry. The white vase and French tray are also beautiful. Love your displays.

  3. says

    Your photos are just amazing. My roses weren’t doing well…I got black spot for the first time ever and I panicked. But they are growing beautifully now and I am enjoying fresh roses in the house so much. I hope your roses take a turn for the better too!

    • says

      Thank you so much Sandy.Oh no sorry to hear about the black spots.I get that two and I have to spray that fungicide on them.It’s a paint taking all those affected leaves off and spraying.

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