Some Thoughts And A Candle

It’s a beautiful day here today,finally spring has arrived.

Sitting here with some thoughts and a candle.

Recently I  noticed Rachel Ashwell had two new candle scents out from her Simply Shabby Chic line,I looked and looked and finally found some.

One  scent is Gardenia and the other scent is Red currant.

Both smell amazing and they are lifting my spirits a bit today.

Okay I am going to share something with you all today,keeping it real.


Sometimes as a blogger you look at your numbers a little too much.

They go up and they go down.

I let myself get too concerned with the numbers and it stresses me out.

Feeling like I should be doing more,sharing more.


So I started thinking maybe you are getting a little bored with what I am sharing.

And so I am wondering what YOU would like to see me share MORE of.


Or LESS of.


Love finding these sweet stools,

This one has a wonderful shellacked finish,with a bit of chippy paint.

They work perfect when you want to add a little height to a table.

Or great as a little plant stand.

So tell me what would YOU would like me to share MORE or LESS of

Or keep doing what I am doing.


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  1. laurinda dawson says

    Keep doing the darling things you’ve been doing, just do more!
    ‘Cause we L O V E what you do!
    Thank you so much for sharing your pretty world,

  2. Melissa says

    I love, love, love your blog! Please keep doing more of the same. You offer great ideas about finding and using such great pieces!

  3. says

    I honestly don’t know how you think of so many things to blog about–but I love what you do and enjoy your posts. Keep it up! I love tutorials and ideas of how to transform things–so if you wanted to do more that is what I love!

  4. says

    I love the photos you share around your beautiful home, Anne. I love that you share what’s new in your shop. I don’t think you need to change a thing, girl! :) Just keep on keepin’ on because you do it beautifully! :)

    Oh, and so glad that you found some of those pretty candles! Love the scents, don’t you? :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. says

    Keep doing just what you are doing, Anne. YOu have a voice and a unique and beautiful take on life! Don’t worry about numbers… as you say “they go up and down”. Be true to your wonderful self!

  6. says

    I’m a fairly new visitor to your blog and it’s definitely my favorite so I love what you’re doing. I am VERY new at painting furniture (just finished my first project – a weathered bench – yesterday, in fact) so I would love to get more instruction about painting basics…I wish I could have gone to the workshop you featured! xo Jonni xo

  7. Sue says


    I find your blog very relaxing and real. Some blogs make me feel inadequate but yours makes me feel inspired. I say keep doing the same :)


  8. says

    I love everything you do Anne! And I completely understand and relate to your feelings. It’s hard isn’t it? Our human-ness creeps in and we can’t help but compare/contrast and wonder if we are doing enough…being enough. But YOU my friend are enough. Just as you are, whatever you share…or don’t share! :-)
    Love to you,

  9. Cheryl Jasso says

    Don’t stress the numbers. It’s just that your regulars have stuff going on in their lives that must be attended to. I like your blog just the way you do it. What you share is just right. Don’t change a thing. I always wonder how you find the time to do all that you do, and wish I could.

  10. Carol Hanson says

    Just keep being you! you know the old saying “you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time”….well I’d say say you do a pretty good job all of the time!!!

  11. Carla says

    I wouldn’t change a thing. I always get excited when a post from your blog enters my mailbox. LOVE what you do and thank you so much for the inspiration.

  12. Janice says

    Easier said than done, I know, but don’t stress about the numbers! I so look forward to everything you share! Anything and everything you share is beautiful! Just keep on keeping on!

  13. Jane B says

    I’d love to say that the numbers don’t matter. However, I’m not a blogger so I imagine that’s easier said than done. But, please know I love your blog as do many others. I love your posts and your pics. As long as you continue to post what is passionate to you, it will put a smile on my face every.single.time 😉

  14. Joanne Boulter says

    Dear Anne,
    The first thing every morning I go through my emails. Yours is the first one that I choose to open. Out of all the blogs I love yours the most. You inspire me. Not only your blog but your many FaceBook posts. Every thing you share whether it be words or photos touch my heart and give me inspiration in life. Keep it going, you are amazing.
    Sincerely, Joanne XXOO

  15. Laura says

    Keep doing what you are doing. I love the pictures of your home and all the gorgeous roses that you decorate with.

  16. kim says

    I have looked at ur blog often for a long time and im a recent subscriber, I find it very very relaxing. Comforting, I use it to unwind in the evening and start my day by looking at past postings. I do like that urs is not so commercial, but real life just like me. Some bloggers are given so much by sponsors that their lives are not realistic and their blogs are filled with things that you can tell they would never do onn their own. I feel.this is such a transitional time of year, and we all have so much to do with the change in weathers and holidays. I would worry about ur numbers at all ! Hugs,kim

  17. liz says

    Everything you share is wonderful!!! I really enjoy all of your posts about painting projects, new shop listings, decorating and whatever else you graciously share with the rest of us. Your photos are amazing, and your decorating style is pure eyecandy. Please don’t change – I so look forward to your posts, and your blog has been so helpful in helping me find my own style.

  18. says

    I think you should just continue doing what you’re doing. I always enjoy seeing the new things you’ve found for your home and shop. You are already doing so much with social media that I don’t understand why your numbers would be down. I’ve noticed that there seems to be peaks and valley’s in blogging sometimes. I think it may have to do with certain times of the year that you’ll have a bigger audience etc. Haven’t you noticed sometimes that there are “dead times” in blog land? I’ll tell my husband, gosh there isn’t much new going on in blog land right now. Then wait a few days, and it explodes! Maybe that could explain it. Don’t take it personally. It’s best to always be true to who you are and people will follow.

  19. jennice ratley says

    I never comment on post but just wanted to encourage you and let you know how much I enjoy your posts and all of the ideas and thoughts that you share. You are appreciate!!

  20. says

    Anne, I almost feel like all of blogland was a little “subdued” with the long winter. I hope you won’t pay TOO much attention to the numbers (really hard, I know) I think if you start letting people tell you what you should be blogging about, you may lose a feeling of authenticity. We want so see what’s happening in your life, in your home, what YOU are passionate about. Keep sharing those things and trust that just the right people will be here!


  21. says

    I love your blog, because it’s a real reflection of you. I read your posts and look at your pictures and I’m inspired. Even if I’m too tired to read, your pictures tell such beautiful stories on their own. I love following you on Instagram, FB, etc because I get little glimpses of beauty throughout the day too!

  22. lizzy says

    The pictures of your beautiful roses are enough to have me turn to your blog again and again! Your blog is lovely and I don’t think you need to change a thing. Don’t let the pesky roller coaster ride of numbers question yourself.

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