Oval Shaped Frames

I don’t know if I have ever shared this with you but I have a think for oval shaped frames.

It does not matter if it is mirror or a picture frame,I am drawn to the soft look of an oval shaped frame.

I came across this frame very recently.

For sometime I have been wanting to add just a touch of pink to my chalkboard wall in my kitchen.

At first I was thinking of making a wreath to add around my Heifer head.

But when I saw this I decided this would work perfectly too.


I love the details on this frame but not the gold.

I am not big on the color gold,I do have a little gold in my home, but I don’t like to go overboard with it .

It’s a little too fancy for my home.

I am just using the paint I already had, so I pulled out Annie Sloan Antoinette.

It is a little more of a purple color than I normally am attracted to lately but I thought I would give it a try on this frame.

If I decide I don’t like it I can always paint over it.


I actually like this color next to the black chalkboard wall so it will stay this color….for now.

Hmmm but I may just need to lower it just a bit.

Isn’t it funny, taking a photo I thought I lined it up perfectly.

But looking at the photo now I think it will need to be adjusted.

Just a touch of pink on my chalkboard wall and Bessie, Yes I named my Heifer head Bessie.

Bessie seems to like the pink too :-)


Still enjoying this chalkboard wall.

I get so many compliments on this wall,not my original idea.

I first saw this on Marian’s blog Miss Mustard Seed.

Even the contractor for our Porch did a double take and asked me if my wall was a chalk wall.

And then told me how cool he thought it was.

Thanks Marian for the inspiration.


Today was a beautiful spring day,even though it was a bit windy.

I am looking forward to getting out in the yard.

It is quite a mess , and with the porch I will have to re-design my garden.

I still have some things to do to our porch before I am ready to reveal it.

One thing that needs to wait until the fall is finishing the floors.

The wood needs to totally dry out before I can paint them.

Yes I am planning on painting them,but you will have to wait and see just how I am going to paint them.

So for now I decided to add this beautiful rug to our porch.

It needed something to pull the room together and I love the color.


It’s very light so it can be easily rolled up if we get blowing rain.

You can see that chair in the corner,it’s not staying black.

The patio furniture was found last fall.

You can read about it HERE.


Quick question can anyone recommend a hand lotion for severely dry hands?

This winter really took a beating on my hands.

They have never been this dry and chapped before.

I have tried sleeping with gloves and vaseline and it’s not working.

Any Suggestions?

What’s your favorite hand cream?



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  1. Amy says

    Love the frame! Bessie looks happy in pink. I’ve gotten into the habit of photographing things before I decide if they stay too… For some reason, when your only looking at the small section in the photo, you see all of your mistakes. Haha! This dry weather is killing me too… I like to use the hemp lotion from The Body Shop but I’m not sure if it’s good for cracked skin… Ouch!

  2. says

    I like the oval frame surrounding “Bessie”. It coordinates nicely with the other frames you have on that wall too. Since you have pink in other areas of your kitchen, the pink color looks good on that frame. I’m not a big fan of painted gold either. It’s a bit formal looking. I don’t care for brass either (which is coming back). Regarding a good hand cream recommendation, have you ever used Cetaphil moisturizing cream? I use that every time I get out of the shower all over my body. I love it! It’s thicker than lotion and has always made a difference on my skin. It’s a little bit expensive compared to basic lotion, but it’s worth it. You might give it a try.

    • says

      Oh yes I have heard of that cream too Kelly.You are all so wonderful.I will be trying lots of lotions.Yeah I am not a big brass fan either.

  3. Sue says

    I also have an affinity for those pretty oval frames, or any with the pretty details like yours has. I am always amazed at how beautiful they look painted white or a soft color. I love the pink!
    My new favorite hand cream is actually a utilitarian one – it is called O’Keefe’s Working Hands and comes in a pretty ugly green container :)


    The foot cream is great too


  4. Rondell says

    Love the oval frame and how you have put them on the chalkboard wall…so neat!

    A while ago I worked at a job where my hands were in water everyday, my hands were a wreck,my mom bought me a tube of Udderly Smooth you can find it at Walmart or K-mart. I still use it today, if I have a split cuticle I just put some on and it takes the soreness out and heals it. It’s not expensive at all!

  5. says

    I love that frame. I want to get some of that pink chalk paint. I love the Mary Kay satin hands set. Have a good week! I really enjoy all your posts on Facebook :)

  6. Pam says

    I too LOVE the softness of oval frames :) Love your finished frame & chalkboard wall too~
    Lubriderm is an awesome hand lotion for very dry hands, also love Mary Kay’s Satin Hands!
    Love your pictures~

  7. Janice says

    Love everything you do! Gold Bond Deep Healing lotion is good. Also, when I was working delivering mail, my fingers would crack, and I used Carmex Lip Balm on them. It burned, but helped a lot! Hope they get better!

  8. Karen Chaudoin says

    I really like your porch and want what is called a four seasons room added to our home. One that has all glassed windows a few of which can open and has heat in winter and air conditioning in summer. Air conditioning is a must in North Carolina. I get extremely dry hands that start to crack at the top due to the hand cleaning soap that I use as a nurse in a hospital. I like to use Burt’s Bee’s Hand cream that comes in a jar and Burt’s Bee’s Cuticle cream that comes in a tin. The secret is to apply it EVERY TIME you wash your hands or they get wet during the day. And only once a week do the vaseline with gloves. Nivea cream, vaseline cream, and those kinds are good too, and the udder cream, but the secret is frequent, several times a day application. Can’t wait to see your porch!

  9. Becky says

    Working Hands is the best! I too had very dry hands and my thumb & index finger had cracks around the nails and this completely healed within 2 days. I keep it by my kitchen sink.

  10. liz says

    The frame is so lovely in that pink – really is the perfect touch for your wall. Could you tell me which pink is lighter – the AS Antoinette or the Vintage Market Design Porcelain paint? I love how both frames turned out, and am trying to decide on a soft pink paint to order.

    • says

      Thank you Liz.Vintage Market Design Porcelain paint is much lighter and softer.I actually prefer that color but I ran out.Picking some up this weekend so you never know I may just repaint this :-)

  11. says

    Bee Bar. You can get it at Cracker Barrel. My husband’s hands were chapped and they felt better after one application. It is a hand lotion wax so it stays on a long time. I love it! I can’t wait to see the reveal of your screened in porch.

  12. says

    I love the frame and the cow!! Cows are my favorite! Your kitchen chalk wall is just too cute! What fun ideas you have shared! I would love to have you join me for my Centerpiece Wednesday linky party and share this post with us. Come on over  http://thestylesisters.blogspot.com/2014/04/centerpiece-wednesday-cool-blues-with.html

  13. Kerry says

    I love Bessie and her oval frame! So cute! I saved some windowpanes from an old barn. Humm…you’re giving me some ideas! As for dry hands? I work in the tropical fish field and my hands are always in water. I’m amazed how dry they can get. Eucerin pro repair works great! I slather it on before I go to bed and my hands are silky soft!

  14. says

    Looks great Anne! I am the opposite though. I have a hard time painting a chippy old gold frame. Not that they do not look fabulous when painted. I just cant bring myself to do it.

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