A Little Paint Can Do Wonders

I said this before and I will say it again,you can transform just about anything with a little paint.

Don’t pass up a piece because of how it looks,stand back and think about how you can improve it with just a little paint.

I found a pair of very ugly cherub statue planters.


I love the sweet cherubs the shells and the design,but the added copper gold paint finish had to go.

Yes this has many chips also,but I don’t care,I love pieces that are imperfect.

I took these home and cleaned them up a bit and started to paint.

Using what I had already at home I used my homemade plaster paint in a pure white color.


See how simple is this!

Just a coat of paint,I could antique this but sometimes I love the simplicity too.

Not everything needs to be antiqued.


Yes I have a pair.

I am planning on adding these to our porch, as soon as the weather is nicer I can get out and decorate.


I am not sure how I will use these out on the porch or where they will go.

I may even add a plant inside,possibly something similar to this.


Something trailing down the side would look pretty.

I know this does not look quite right as the basket planter is a little too tall.

Next time you are out shopping if you find a piece that just needs a color change think about painting it,even if it is fabric.

As long as it is in good condition yes you can paint fabric.

Did you see the painted fabric chair I did?

Click HERE to view it.



New items just listed in the shop!

You can visit the shop HERE


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  1. says

    These are stunning Anne. The white really brings out the beauty and details of the pieces. You are a true artist. I can’t imagine anything more beautiful on your porch. I hope you can stop by for a visit.


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