Tablescape Mismatched Dishes

It’s such a gloomy day here again I thought I would share a spring inspired tablescape using my mismatched dishes.

At one time I had many more dish sets.

But I started running out of room so I donated many of them.

 I kept the pieces that were my favorite.


And let me remind you again nothing that I used on this tablescape was bought brand new.

Everything shown was found at thrift shops,antique shops, or garage sales.


We use those napkins every single night.

It really is not bother for me to wash napkins,and I don’t iron my napkins or tablecloths.

If they are a little wrinkled that is fine with me,remember I am all about imperfect.


These were found many years ago,I kept asking the shop keeper if she would sell these,she kept telling me no.

Until one day she said guess what I am selling these dishes do you want them,why yes I do!


Yes I did set this matching cup and saucer together,but I mixed things up a bit with my other china.


I tucked a dried rose inside a lace ribbon I always keep on hand.

I find lace all the time while out shopping at thrift shops.

It’s usually under a dollar for a bag full of lace.


Just for photo purposes I added a little food coloring into my glass mugs,

I did  not have any lemonade on hand so improvised.


The pink straws were found last summer at Marshalls.

Mugs were found for .50 each at a thrift shop a few years ago.


I don’t claim to be an expert of setting a table,I don’t follow rules very well.

If the fork is not were is it supposed to be,that’s okay,

I decorate the way I like and makes me happy and I set the table the same way.

Always follow your heart and do what makes you happy.

Don’t get to involved with doing things by the book when it comes to decorating or setting a table.

If you do you may not be happy,doing things the way someone tells you to do it rather than following your heart.


I hope to inspire you,as others inspire me.


So if you want to use you good china for dinner go ahead.

Why not even eat your lunch in the dining room,who says it is only for special dinners.

Always follow your heart.



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  1. says

    Such a pretty table. Was out looking for some new linen napkins today… sigh. Just couldn’t find the colour I wanted. We too use real napkins at every meal, everyday.
    Luv your mismatched table… very romantic.

  2. Nan, Odessa DE says

    What fabric do you look for in napkins to just wash and use??? All I see need ironing!
    How do you anti germ the napkins??????????????
    I am not a clean freak – BUT these are the two reasons I refuse to use my linen napkins.

    • says

      I am not a germ freak at all,I just wash in hot water.I really don’t know what fabric they are.But I can always tell by the feel of them.Most vintage napkins require ironing if you are picky.I really don’t care if mine are a bit wrinkled.

  3. says

    I love mixing different dishes together. I also like mixing different silverware. A long time ago I thought wouldn’t it be great to open a little restaurant where I could use all different plates, saucers, silverware and glassware, and I even came up with a name for my little make believe place. “The Yard Sale Cafe.” I have forgotten a lot of things I imagine or dream about over the years, but this once has always stuck with me. Your tablescape is adorable and I love the roses on the dishes. Keep inspiring us!!

  4. liz says

    Lovely table – I especially like how you used the little pink stool , so very charming. Now that’s three things I am on the hunt for after reading your previous posts – pink chippy chairs, a chippy pink table and now a sweet little chippy pink step stool!!!

  5. Eileen says

    Dishes with pink flowers (a little pale green helps too) are my favorite. I find that my taste changes – sometimes with seasons and also with age. Mix and blend! How blessed we are to find beautiful things in thrift shops and rummage sales!

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