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I usually have pretty pictures to share,but today I am sharing before photos of my next project that is  on my list.

Because we are building our screened in porch it’s not in our budget to do anything big.

But I needed to make changes.

You see this is our master bathroom.


Yep that’s it!

Behind the door is a tub we never use, up on the left is our shower.

Our vanity has no drawers, we do have a medicine cabinet.

I know some people hate those cabinets but I actually like having one, just not the one we have.

There are so many ideas I have for this bathroom.

But they are on the someday list.

For now I am going to do a mini makeover.


I really dislike those lights!

And that rack above the toilet is not coming back either.

I use that for our towels and you can see it’s laundry day around here,we are out of towels.

The flooring and counters are staying.

Not changing those,because when I am ready to really change I don’t want a temporary fix .

I am going to paint the walls,cabinets,a new light fixture and a few other surprises.


So take a good long look if you dare,because this will be the last time you see this room like this.

It won’t be done over night,I am still looking for a new light.

I am thinking something with a little bling.

And yes  I am doing this on a very tight budget,

I already have the paint and some accessories for my bathroom.

Hoping to start in the next week.


I am sure you have noticed a few changes going on here.

Janel from Mrs. Fix it has been working on my blog design.

I needed to update somethings so my blog would be mobile compatible.

I know many of you view my blog on your phone and ipads and right now its not mobile compatible.

But it will be very soon!

If you are looking for someone to help design your blog or if you need technical assistance then Janel is your girl!

She is amazing to work with!

She responds quickly to emails,listens to what you need and she is also very reasonable.

And she does an amazing job too!

Visit Janel at Mrs. Fix It HERE



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  1. says

    Looking forward to the end result. My /our Master Bath is a little one as well. I believe the amount of time I spend in there would not warrant a bigger one :) I am a shower girl, and have a pretty big shower and no tub.
    Have fun on the lighting search… so exciting!

    • says

      I would love a larger bathroom to add a linen closet.We really need room for more storage.It get’s a bit cluttered just storing things under the sinks.But it’s the way it is for now.

  2. says

    For the front of your bathroom cabinet doors – you could put bead board in the middle section or at least bead board wallpaper to “dress it up” and it’s cheap – paint and new hardware and viola’! a new look.

  3. says

    Love, love Janel!! Thanks for the referral to her a while back…everything you said about her is absolutely TRUE! Your new blog updates look amazing. As I’m sure your Master Bath will too!
    Vintage xo

    • says

      So glad to hear you worked with her.Yes Janel is so sweet,great to work with,is great about getting back to e-mails,does a great job and she is very reasonable.

  4. Kathryn says

    good luck with the bathroom makeover. I have the exact same bathroom layout. Fairly tight and boring. I made mine over and (mostly) love it. Carry on. Can’t wait for your pics!

    • says

      Yes it is boring isn’t it.Our bathroom is the one room in our house that our builder really did wrong.My daughters bathroom (which I will be giving a mini makeover too also)is nicer and a bit bigger than mine.She has a linen closet in hers.Something ours is lacking.

  5. liz says

    I have the exact layout – minus the window, so I am very excited to see the changes as I would love to update mine also. I am so glad to have subscribed to your blog – seeing an email from White Lace Cottage always puts a smile on my face!

  6. Darcy says

    I have similar light fixture and I so dislike it. My problem is it is attached to the medicine cabinet. It’s a unit. I am curious to see your replacement lighting. I am new to your website and I love your ideas. Thank you!

    • says

      I don’t think I have ever seen one attached to a medicine cabinet.That would be a challenge for sure.I just bought the light hoping to hang it tomorrow and then I will start painting.I will explain why I am hanging the light first when I share it in a post.

  7. says

    I know it’s going to be wonderful Anne, whatever you do. I would love to do a serious makeover on our bath as well as the guest bath but it depends on a lot of things right now. I would love a beautiful old piece of furniture as the sink base. Maybe someday.

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