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When I started blogging I wanted to share ideas and inspire others when decorating your home.

I wanted to show that you don’t have to have a big budget or allot of money to make your home beautiful.

And I wanted to share that sometimes you don’t have to spend any money at all and still decorate or change your home.


I am just like you,I love sitting down in a cozy spot with my warm beverage and look at beautiful magazines for inspiration.

When I was a little girl I loved decorating my bedroom.

I would often move my furniture around and place my pretty things in different spots for a new look.

And I remember going to garage sales with my Grandparents.

I think that is what inspired me the most.

Hunting for treasures for such a little money.


I love finding pieces that were once loved,pieces that have history.

If I find a piece that has drippy paint from a not so good paint job,I love that piece even more.

Nothing in my home is perfect,nothing.

And that is just the way I like it.


Yes in photos that I share my home looks all put together,but it’s not like that everyday.

How could I live in a home like that?


But just like a pretty magazine I am hoping to inspire you.

Use what you have,what you love.

It does not have to be perfect.

And paint can change any room,and it’s cheap!


These bottles were found a few years ago while out thrift shopping.

They are just bottles,nothing fancy at all.

You can find really pretty soda bottles at the store,after you use them keep them.

They make great vases.


A teapot,another great vase.

Nothing fancy or expensive,but it looks so pretty on a tablescape or on an accent table.

Don’t ever be intimidated when you see a home with pretty photos.

They are just like you,no one has a perfect home.

Just enjoy what you have and make it the best home you can.

If you surround yourself with things you love you cannot go wrong.


Enjoying these roses as they start to wilt.

During the winter months flowers are a must in my home.

I am ready for spring,are you?



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    • says

      Only post your pretty photos.I just feel like once your photos are out there,they are out there.I only like to look at the pretty and I think most of us feel the same way.But I also like to let others no that my home does not look photo perfect most of the time :-)

    • says

      Thank you Jennifer,That was a find months ago from one of my favorite antique dealers.She always has great shabby finds and amazing prices too!

  1. says

    I really like the message of this post. It’s so true that no one has complete perfection in their home. It’s good to remember that and do the best you can with what you have and make sure that it really speaks to you. I love seeing your gorgeous roses because not only are they beautiful but I know they speak to you. You have done a great job making your home reflect who you are. I love all the chippy painted furniture you have. That’s perfection to me even though they’re not really perfect. LOL!

  2. says

    Thanks, Anne for keeping it real. I love old pieces, the more worn and tarnished the better.
    I surround myself with them and that makes me happy even if it’s not perfect. It’s home.
    Yours is beautiful and I’m inspired each time I visit.

  3. says

    Dear Anne,
    I just have to tell you that you have a lot of heart. Thank you for that. You have helped to inspire me to start my own blog. Even though I am starting this later in life. I know that through you and sister blogs will continue to inspire me through your words and pictures. You make mine and others days so much more brighter when they pull up your email with your smiling face on it.
    Thank you ! Joanne OX

    • says

      Thank you so much Yvonne.I take that as a high compliment.I think your home,your style and your photos are beautiful! I am always inspired by everything you do!

  4. says

    Loved this post Ann. I have one similiar which is halfway written for next week saying the same thing. That a lot of my pics are “smoke and mirrors.” LOL I love the roses and the RC Cola bottles. Brings back good memories. thanks for joining the party. xxoo, Barb

  5. joyce poulter says

    I really liked what you said. Sometimes I look at blogs and get so discouraged. Everyone’s homes look so perfect, then I look around my home and feel overwhelmed. My home could never hope to be so perfect.

    • says

      I never want anyone to look at my home or photos and think that my home looks like this all the time.It’s very unrealistic.Embrace what your home and what you have.

  6. says

    What a wonderful post! The beauty of each photograph is truly remarkable! Trophy, roses, the pinks, the door, the bottles, each and every detail is just stunning!
    Great blog.

    • says

      Thanks so much Janette.Depending on how you want to blog.If you are doing it for a hobby then it does not take very much time.But if you are blogging for an income you put lots of time in to create content,photos,editing,writing,yep it takes allot of time.

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