I’m Sexy and I know it


Not me silly the chair.

Seriously I think this chair has an attitude.

If you saw the before you would know why.

I found this amazing chair at Habitat for humanity.

I was shopping for more pieces to bring to the Vintage Market and I spotted this.


I knew I could bring this a new life.

You see it was stuck in the 80′s.

The color was all wrong.


I painted this whole chair fabric and all with Annie Sloan old white.

Yep you heard that right.Even the fabric was painted.

Not my original idea.I heard this from Amy at Maison decor

She shared that you can paint on fabric.

I have wanted to try this and never had an opportunity until now.

After painting this with old white I thought it needed something more.

Added a graphic from The Graphic Fairy .

It was not easy to do on such a movable surface.But it worked!

It is a bit faded and I like that it looks old and that is what I wanted.

Antiquing medium was added to give it an aged look.

I watered it down a bit and applied it with a brush and rubbed it off.

This is quite a process but if you are patient you will get the look you want.

I finished it with three coats of wax.

Do you want to see another look at it?


Are you ready for the before???


Lets see the after again….



Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and support on my feature in shabbilicious magazine!

I also wanted to thank Blogger Homes for featuring my daughters bedroom makeover.

You can view it HERE


Here is a sneak peek at another piece I am working on.



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    • Anne says

      Thank you Lisa!I fell for this chair as soon as I saw it! Wish I could keep it but it going to the market!

  1. says

    Oh My Oh My Oh My! Ain’t she purdy? You did a wonderful job on her. You would never guess it was the same chair. I love the lines she has. I have painted fabric for years with great success. I never waxed it though-that is a smart idea. I have scotchguarded it and that works great because you can just spray it on…and it seals and protects it.. Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  2. says

    It looks amazing, Anne. You were so brave to paint the fabric!
    I’d love to give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. says

    Anne – Anna – lol – you did a FABULOUS job on that chair!

    I had no idea AS would cover that busy fabric pattern!

    Don’t feel too badly about your name being spelled wrong – everyone always wants to put an extra L in my name, which is NOT the proper way the French spell it!

    Oh well, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet so Anna/.Anne or Michelle/Michele does too.

    Great job,

    Michele < ONE L lol

    • Anne says

      I had friends call me Anna when I was a kid.
      Thank you! Yes it covers extremely well!A good option as opposed to recovering it!

  4. says

    Oh Anne this is so pretty. You did an amazing job re loving this chair. I love that you painted it. I had heard you can also use fabric medium in regular paint and then you can paint fabric. With seeing what you are bringing to the market so far you should do very well. You have some amazing treasures so far.

  5. says

    She’s goregous Anne! Painting fabric is very time consuming. Trust me, I know. Congrats on your features…well deserved!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Gail

    • Anne says

      Thank you Anne! No it feels like leather it is still soft but not as soft as fabric.The wax will protect it.

  6. says

    Unbelievable transformation! Never knew you could paint fabric! Thanks for the insight, will have to give it a try! Cheaper than reupholstering! How does it wear??

    • Anne says

      Thank you Kris! I have been wanting to try this and finally got the chance.I would only do this on fabric that is already in great condition.I have heard this holds up very well.I waxed this three times to protect it.It feel like soft leather.You should hop on over to Amy’s blog.She has done this many times and has had great results too!Yes much easier than reupholstering and you can customize it to do what you want!

  7. says

    Gorgeous chair, Anne! It’s beautiful. I’ve seen other people paint upholstery … but can you actually sit in it repeatedly without the paint cracking? Does the paint get on clothes when sitting in the chair? Just wondering because I have a little chair I’d love to paint but I’m afraid. :) Anywho … your transformation of this chair is just amazing!! Love it!

    • Anne says

      Yes you can sit on this!It is not really stiff still a bit soft.I added three coats of wax too.And you can even sand it if you want.I did not do that just waxed it.Try it on a another piece first if you are not sure.

  8. says

    this looks so soft and pretty, and yes, a bit sexy:), anne! your sneak peek looks very interesting! i painted my chair a year ago, and the waxing has kept it clean and pretty!

    • Anne says

      Thank you Lynn! Oh wonderful to know it holds up so well.I thought it should being adding wax does protect it!

  9. says

    My goodness, Anne, you sly little thing. You are an arteest. It turned out beautifully and I liked it even the way it was!! But that’s just me. Did it turn out stiff at all? I used to paint sweatshirts with acrylics, which are water based as well, but they turned out to be a little stiff at times. I’ve just read another’s comments and your answer said it was like supple leather, so I guess that answers my question. I’m going to check out Amy’s blog now and thanks for sharing that sexy chair. You did a great job..Happy Weekend..Judy

  10. JaneEllen says

    Let’s face it your chair is exquisite. Before, GAG, lol. Where did they get that fabric on her? You have a good eye. Love how the white really gives her dignity.

  11. says

    Hi Anne!
    I’ve been wanting to try painting fabric since seeing it on Amy’s and other blogger’s sites!!
    Your successful attempt is just beautiful!!
    I actually visited Amy’s Boston location a few weeks ago…nice place!

    • Anne says

      Thank you Sandi! Oh you are so much to have visited her shop.I hope to someday! Never been to that part of the country yet!

  12. Jennifer says

    Great Transformation! It provided me a great reminder when looking at my local Habitat store. What method of transfer did you use on the lettering? Thanks!

  13. k says

    Love your chair! Beautiful! I have ask….how did you get the paint to feel comfortable to the touch?
    I started painting a chair with ASCP after seeing it in a magazine…i never finished it though. When the
    Paint dried…..its so hard and scratchy. Any tips?

    • Anne says

      Thank you! Maybe it was the fabric you painted it on?Not sure why yours is that way.Mine feels like a soft leather.It is not hard at all.The fabric was in very good shape and felt like silk very smooth.I am going to try this on another piece soon.

  14. says

    Bahaha…I had to come over just because of your title. Is it wrong to say I actually liked the chair before?? I like it better afterwards but that was one cute chair!!! You done good girl. Pinning!

    • says

      Hi Doreen absolutely it will.My friend did this technique to a chair that had gold velvet fabric.It turned out beautifully.She painted it against the fabric a little and it gave it a beautiful textured look!

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