Simple Valentine Heart Wreaths

My daughter was home from school yesterday.

She wanted to have a girls day out and shop but the temperature was 6 and the windchill was -14.

I am no one turn down a day out shopping, but when it is that cold I don’t  go out anywhere, not even to shop!


Instead we stayed home by the fire and did a little crafting.

I wanted to make something for Valentines day.

I really don’t decorate for that holiday, but thought it would be fun to make a few heart wreaths.

Since we were stuck inside, I only used what I already had on hand.


I had some scrap muslin, some dizzy frizzy.

I found the dizzy frizzy at the thrift shop for .50.

I knew when I found the dizzy frizzy that I would figure out a fun craft project to use it for.

This craft is  so simple, I  just took some wire and made heart shapes.

With one of the heart shaped frames I took pieces of muslin that I cut 1/2 inch strips,that were ripped, and just tied the strips  around the whole wreath making knots.



You can use pieces a little larger, but don’t make them too big.

These strips are about 5 inches long.

But don’t measure, it’s more interesting if these are not perfect and slightly different lengths.

I love how frayed the muslin looks.

Using the dizzy frizzy I just cut pieces off and tied these around the whole wreath.

Again no specific lengths, and I cut these off as I went along.


This is the wreath with the dizzy frizzy.

I love how soft it looks, I hung this on an old door piece from an old farm cabinet.


Here is the muslin wreath, It has a feathered sort of look to it and I just adore it!



This was so simple and so much fun to do!


Here is my muslin wreath hanging on my farmhouse door.

Rose’s are a must for Valentines day!




Do you decorate for Valentines day?


I wanted to thank Pamela from My Front Porch to yours for featuring my Slip cover sofa and my Annie Sloan painted table.

And Kerryanne from Shabby Art Boutique for featuring my Slip cover sofa. I thank you both so much for featuring my home! I am always honored and humbled to have my home featured.


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simple valentine wreath

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  1. says

    I love your wreaths! They are adorable! I used to decorate quite abit for Valentine’s Day, but I haven’t so much in the past few years. Not sure what I’ll do this year…maybe just a simple vignette on my dining room table. xo

  2. seams2be says

    Love, love, love the wreaths, how very clever and pretty. I’m sure you both had a great time crafting. 6 degrees, brrrrrr, hugs to all

    • Anne says

      Thank you!I am sure this is not original.But I was trying to think of something easy,fun and using what we had at home.Oh I would love to be where you are.Today it is 3 :-). Do you want to come and visit 😉

    • Anne says

      Thank you Betsy! Yes it is fun to shop your own house! I am always checking out the craft section of thrift stores!I always find cool and cheap craft supplies!

  3. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these hearts, Anne! Especially the feathery looking one! How much muslin did you actually use for it? Thanks for sharing this sweet tutorial! ♥

    xoxo laurie

    • Anne says

      Thank you so much Laurie.
      I don’t know how much I used.I was cutting it up as I went along.If I had to guess it was not even a half a yard of fabric.And it depends how fluffy you want it.

  4. says

    I love how those turned out! So cute! I’ve never seen those before. I don’t usually decorate for Valentines Day. Maybe because there are nothing but boys around my house. If I had a daughter (like you) I would probably be more inclined to do that. I like where you hung your wreaths too.

    • Anne says

      Thank you Kelly! At first I was just planning on using these wire hearts all on there own.But since we were home I had a thought of what they would look like if I did this and what about that.Valentines day decor is not really big around here.But I think these are sweet even after Valentines day and so easy too!

  5. says

    These are really adorable. I love them both and they look really great on the old doors. Perfect type wreath for those old doors. I think it is so sweet you and your daughter spent time yesterday making them together.

  6. says

    How pretty Anne! I love them hanging on the old doors. It’s really cold here today and it looks like the cold is here to stay for a while. I’m not complaining because our weather has been very mild up until today. Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

    • Anne says

      Thank you Gail! Oh we have had a mild winter too so I should not complain either.But I really hate the bitter cold!
      Stay warm!

  7. says

    Darling. Very simple and cute! I don’t decorate much for Valentines Day either, not since my kids were very young, but I would love to have a few subtle pretties like these!


    • Anne says

      Thank you Jane!Yes this was very simple to do!I used to do lots of red hearts and things around the house when my daughter was little.I no longer have to do that :-)

  8. says

    Well, I have never heard of dizzy frizzy, but I just may have to find some- I adore your wreath, and the muslin one is lovely, too! I don’t really decorate for V Day, but who knows, I may throw a little project together at the last minute. Maybe a dizzy frizzy one! 😉

    • Anne says

      Thank you Sheila!
      Dizzy Frizzy is used as doll hair.I find this stuff all the time when I am thrift shopping!

  9. Rondell says

    Oh, Anne I love them! They are adorable and look great where you have them, I so have to try to make one of them!

  10. says

    How adorable. I like both verisons. The look so nice haning on the door and the planted wall.

    I was doing a little crafting yesterday too! Nothing as cute as this, but it seems like it must have been the day for it.

    • Anne says

      Thank you Robin!I am not really a crafty person.Just thought of this idea as we were staying home trying to keep warm!

  11. says

    LOVE the linen heart!!! I may have to commission one from your “child” labor!! If you don’t mind, i would like to suggest this idea {on a smaller scale} to Tate for her class’s Valentine’s Day project..the moms would love them!

  12. says

    How fun! These are the days your daughter will remember. Your yarn wreath reminds me of one of those shaggy sheep and looks perfect on your old barn door!

    • Anne says

      Yes Vickie time goes by so fast!Yes it does look like that! I thought the same thing LOL! I guess that is what I love about it!

  13. says

    I am excited to be sharing your wreath on “My Friday Fave Pins” post tomorrow, Jan 25th. I sure hope you come by for a visit!! BTW-Love love love your blog!!!

  14. says

    Anne, these heart wreaths are adorable!! I love them…what a fun idea! And, I just love that you used what you had on hand. And, of course, those roses are just beautiful! I always love seeing how you have things decorated!

  15. Lisa Cooper says

    Love the wreaths! So cute! But, where, oh where, did you get the cup rack pictured in one of the photos! I have been looking everywhere for one!

    • Anne says

      Thank you Lisa! Amy from sells these.This is where I bought mine.You can order one in her online shop :-)

  16. says

    I love both of your wreaths. They are so pretty. What a great time to spend with your daughter. We have been having freezing temps here, too. Can’t wait for a warm up.

  17. says

    Your wreaths are fabulous! I don’t know which I like better – they are both wonderful. I have never heard of dizzy frizzy. I’m going to have to go out and get me some. Thanks for showing us.

  18. says

    Next time I see this yarn I will most certainly pick it up! It looks gorgeous and keeping my fingers crossed on the contest you entered this in! And the muslin is just as lovely! I was wondering… what if you tied it a soft shade of pink before creating it? Just a thought……


    • Anne says

      Thank you!No problem I am running behind this week too.No time to join any party’s.Maybe next week.Have a great weekend!

  19. says

    Hi Anne, your wonderful wreath is featured on my post !!
    HAve a nice sunday!!!

  20. Botanic Bleu says

    How exciting that Anita interviewed you for her Back Porch Interview series. I can’t wait to hear your news that is still under wraps.

    Your two white home-made Valentine’s wreaths are just so creative and so pretty.


  21. Emerald Isle says

    This is absolutely beautiful and easy. I think I may use this idea for entrance door hangers at my February Wedding. I think it looks wintery and snowy, appropriate for a winter wedding. Can’t wait to go find that dizzy frizzy!

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