French Charm Bedroom Reveal

When I first started blogging almost a year ago I had no idea I was about to transform my home.I was happy with the way it was at the time until I saw photos on my blog and realized my home was not really a reflection of myself.And slowly I have been changing things the way I have always wanted them to be.Years and years ago before the white look was popular I was quite fond of it.But I was afraid to jump in and change things.I feared it would cost too much and maybe I would decide I would not like it.All the while in my mind I wished I had an all white home.Last February I made some changes in my bedroom.They were subtle changes and it sparked an idea that changed my whole home.

I recently painted my pine bed.I used Miss Mustard Seeds paint the color is linen.I used this on my bed and armoire.I have not decided yet if I want to paint my vanity.A bit of warmth in a room is nice with all my white.We will see if I change my mind.On the back of my headboard on the wall is a faux iron piece and a pair of sheer curtain panels.Acutally there are two faux iron panels I just put them together.
I wanted to do something a bit different than I had there before.While out shopping one day I noticed a curtain panel in a window display it sparked an idea.Although it was much different than this it gave me an idea.
The beautiful bedding is from Shellagh at Ticking and toile  .  I first saw this on Kathleen’s beautiful blog Faded Charm. Check our her bedroom it is gorgeous! She shared her bedding about a year ago and I fell in love with it then.But I was not ready for it yet.
I absolutely LOVE this bedding.I have never had anything really fit well on this bed.It is a king size four poster bed which can be difficult to find something that fits well especially on the corners.I was going to get a skirt but I hate the hassle of messing with those when you make your bed.It can drive me nuts fixing it.A bedspread is a better option for  me.The fabric is beautiful and I LOVE the color too! Now I need another pillow.Not loving that small one.The white coverlet on the end of  my bed was used on my previous bedding.I like that bit of white and I think I will keep it here.

That is my armoire that was painted with Miss Mustard Seeds Paint.That door leads to my bathroom.And the door on the other side of my tall French dresser is our closet. I added that silver tree for Christmas.I love the bit of silver in here.

A bit of Christmas greens and white carnations.I love this combination.

An old chippy chair found at an antique shop.And a pair of Lavender pillows from Dreamy Whites  .

That vintage gate was in my dining room.I moved it here I think it looks much better here too!That old hook rack was a find at a garage sale over the summer.It was free! I bought a door from her I inquired about that piece and she said I could just take it! That small metal vase with dried hydrangeas are not only decorative but hide my phone and clock.I don’t think they are very pretty to look at but necessary.That mirror is a family heirloom that was Mr. Cottages Grandmothers.

This is the entrance to our room.That chandelier was a thrift store find too! It was under $10.That dresser was recently painted with Annie Sloan Chalk paint pure white.Keeping it simple with a faux plant and a vintage picture.I wish I could have a real plant here but there is not enough light.

Mary was painted too.I used Annie Sloan pure white on her as well.

I am sure you want to see what this room looked like before right?Well take a look at this post HERE
I have come a long way don’t you think? 

So happy with my transformation it came out better than I thought.I feel like my whole house flows nicely from one room to the next.My only regret is that I waited so long to do this.Do you have any regrets on changing things?Do you wish you would have made changes?Or are you wishing you didn’t?
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  1. says

    Wow! Your bedroom does look different! I absolutely love it now! I was like you-I wanted to go with a more neutral color palette, but was hesitant. It was a gradual process, but now I’m so glad that I did, because it reflects me so much better! You’ve done a beautiful job changing your bedroom!
    p.s. I had to laugh, because I ‘hide’ my phone and clock behind something, too! Why can’t they make those prettier? :)

  2. says

    It is all so beautiful. I feel our bedrooms should be our santuary and you hit it with this bedroom. So peaceful and pretty. I have a guest room in my home where I used the old gates as headboards. I love the chippy and character they give to the room. Yours looks so nice in the bedroom. Love it all. Great job.

  3. says

    Your bedroom looks so serene and calming, Anne! Just what I think a bedroom should be. A welcome respite at the end of the day. I love that bedspread! Gorgeous. I’m waiting on a new white duvet cover from PB {it’s on back order, of course}, but I’m hoping to add some of that serenity to my own bedroom with it.

  4. says

    Love your bedroom! It’s just gorgeous with all of its creamy colors. The bedding is the best part! I love how you’ve transformed your home since you started blogging. Blogging has a tendancy to make you focus on your home more, don’t you think?

  5. says

    Your bedroom looks wonderful with your white theme! I can’t believe you found that chandy for under $10!! You’ve found some fabulous pieces of furniture to fill your spacious room, too. Nicely done, Anne.

  6. says

    Oh My! You have created a beautiful space. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I like it or point out all my favorite things. Well done my stylish friend.

  7. says

    Hi Anne,
    Your bedroom looks just beautiful!!! I cannot believe the transformation! Your bed looks so lovely all painted & the bedding does look amazing!! :) I can’t believe you picked up the chandy for $10! wow!
    I like that garden gate too…looks awesome!
    Everything looks wonderful….thanks so much for your business. It was really a pleasure working with you!

  8. says

    The room is so beautiful! I love it! The bedding made by Shellagh is gorgeous! You and I have a very similar story. I have always loved white cottage rooms, but I didn’t know any real people with homes like that (only magazine photos). Then I started blogging and realized there are people with this style of home and I love them. My home at the time was red and gold French Country…and I don’t even like the color gold! So over the last year and a bit more I’ve been changing it and I love it. Much more “me”!

  9. says

    It’s interesting to see your transformation especially from your old pics. I adore this look now and have a light colored guest bedroom that I just did, but I can’t make the leap like you did to the almost all white space. I love color too much. Your room has never looked to beautiful as it does now.

  10. says

    Your bedroom is beautiful! Isn’t it neat that blogging helps us realize what we love? I like that all looks are welcomed too.

    So glad I found your blog!

  11. says

    my favorite detail is all that lacy headboard goodness!

    hope you’ll have a moment to stop by, and i’m hosting a giveaway as well today:

    peace to you.


  12. says

    I’m over from Timewashed.
    I could have written that first paragraph! I’m Going White too and my last post explains this. You did lovely in there! I too have a non white piece referred as a “statement piece” lol and it is, I think a good one, painted though, in Annie Sloan’s Coco and Antoinette Pink…. love it!

  13. says

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE this, Anne. The armoire is beautiful and i love that amazing pic of “mr Cottage’s” grandmother. :)

    Thanks for linking up last week at the Humble Brag. Hope you’ll come back tomorrow to link up. Also the Silhouette Cameo giveaway ends this weekend!

  14. says

    I’d like to know more about the faux iron piece behind your bed. Is it one of those pieces made with toilet paper rolls or something of the sort? You said it’s made in two pieces…. Would you be willing to share more on that? Thanks!

    • says

      Those faux gate pieces behind my bed were found at an antique shop.But they are not old just plastic.I know they look like they are metal but they are not.Not sure where the seller found them.

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