Apple Cinnamon Cream Cheese French Toast

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.I can’t believe it is over already!
But still looking forward to celebrating with friends this weekend!
On Christmas morning after opening gifts I decided to surprise my family with a special breakfast.We don’t usually do a big breakfast on Christmas morning but this was a present to them from me.
My husband has commented that he really enjoys the stuffed French toast they serve at a local restaurant.So I decided to try a recipe myself with a little twist.
I bought some bakery Cinnamon loaf bread at our local grocery store.And I found this recipe for the fillingHERE
The recipe for the filling is pretty simple cream cheese and powdered sugar.I have to be honest after seeing this recipe for the filling I just went for it and did not measure the ingredients.It was ready when it tasted right to me.Do you do that with recipes?
I made the filling the night before.

In the morning before I started to make the French toast I decided to add apples to this as well.I peeled and chopped three medium size apples and placed in a microwave safe bowl.I added 1 tablespoon of butter,I tablespoon of cinnamon and 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar.This is all appoximation measurements as I don’t measure I just do this in my head and according to taste.I microwave this until it is soft and and stop and mix it as it cooks.About 5 minutes in my microwave.
As this is cooking I start the french toast.Basic recipe eggs,milk,a bit of vanilla extract and cinnamon.After I made enough (2 slices each) I put these on a baking sheet to warm up a bit more so they would all be ready at the same time.After warming in the oven for a few minutes I took them out and added the filling.I used a spoon to put the filling on one piece and then added the other slice on top.
I then added the apple cinnamon sugar on top of both pieces and a bit of whip cream on top.These were delicious!It tasted like a extravagant cinnamon roll!

Very easy to make and oh so good but not good for you!This is a very special treat breakfast! I may do this every Christmas!
Remember that cat playhouse we made for Tabita? Well it was a big hit!

She is enjoying chilling in her new playhouse.My daughter added a fleece blanket she made for her a couple of years ago.
We may even decorate the outside yet! My daughter has lots of ideas for it!
It’s a cold winter day here.Spending time today at home playing Wii with my family and staying warm by the fireplace.Hope you are enjoying your day too!
Savvy Southern Style WOW
Ivy and Elephants 

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  1. says

    We love eggnog French toast. Leave the bread out overnight to harden a bit. Dip the bread in eggnog. Fry as usual. We use cherry pie filling and whipped topping. The red pie filling is festive for a holiday meal. I will have to try your apple recipe. Looks delicious.

  2. says

    That looks so yummy. I will have to try this one. Glad you are staying warm on this cold day. It is a good day to lay low and I am catching up on pinterest. Just a great day to relax.

  3. says

    Gosh that looks good. I love french toast but have never tried anything fancy like that. I just do a basic recipe. I like to do a special breakfast for our family every Christmas. We usually do our own thing most mornings, so it is always a special treat to sit down for breakfast together. Your cat playhouse is so cute. I’m sure it is a hit!

  4. says

    Careful now, you’ll create a new Christmas breakfast tradition. :) We have apricot tarts and sausage balls every year…I think my husband and kids look forward to that almost as much as everything else.

    The little kitty house is adorable!

  5. says

    OMG, this looks so darn good. I so miss bread of any kind, for health reasons I had to go gluten free just before thanksgiving, and GF bread of any kind is just NOT the same. Oh how I miss my bread. Bet you hubs really enjoyed it.

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