Sweet 13

Wow where have the years gone? Thirteen years ago today changed our lives forever.I never thought I wanted children of my own.I never thought I could be a Mom.But one day I decided I was ready.And on November 17 1999 my sweet daughter was born.And on the same day 10 years earlier her Grandmother passed.
We are truly blessed in so many ways.So thankful for her.She is so special. I know everyone says that about there own child.But mine is truly a one of a kind.Never in a million years would I thought I would be lucky enough to have such an amazing girl! She is kind,thoughtful,beautiful on the inside and out and smart.She loves to read and loves animals especially her cat Tabby.
When she was a baby she would sleep right through the night after about a month.She was never whiny nor did she cry for no reason.
She went from her crib to her bed no problem.
Went from a bottle to a sippy cup.
Potty training was the only issue.
I could bring her in a toy store and she would never cry she wanted things.She was just happy! Everyone always commented on how good she was even in church and as a new born on a plane.
She has always been content.
How did I get so lucky?? I don’t know but I thank God every single day for her.
She is my little miracle.
I waited a bit too long to have my first and only child and I am lucky and blessed to have her.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl! You are the greatest gift we could have ever imagined!
Mom,Dad and Tabitha

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    Happy Happy Birthday to both of you… yes, you as well… after all without all that 9 months waiting and then the delivery, she would never have arrived!!!! Its always special to name a day when your little one arrived.. I was lucky and have five that came to join us… but enjoy the day ,and of course she will be spoiled, but I think you should pamper yourself too for all the hard work that gave you your darling girl!!! I’m sure you will continue to have a very special relationship, even tho the teens do prove somewhat challenging sometimes!!!! Hugs from across the pond** Janzi

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    Oh Anne, they do grow up and it’s hard letting go! Happy Birthday to your sweet 13 year old!! Enjoy celebrating a very special day today, XOXO Gail

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    Happy Birthday to your daughter! These are the years that you will get to see her blossom into a woman. Let the hormornes begin! Ha! My first son stayed gone all the time once he started highschool. So, enjoy her youth while you still can. Sounds like she’s a wonderful young lady.

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    Happy Birthday Sweet 13. We wish we could celebrate with you and the family today. We miss you, we live so far away from each other. We are sending you all our Birthday love and hugs. Beautiful post and video, it has been a true pleasure to watch you grow into an incredible young lady. And to Mr. and Mrs. Cottage, what a journey we are on. We miss you. Have a wonderful day.

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    Anne, I’ve been following you on Pinterest, and seen you at some link parties, but just realized I wasn’t following you here! (until today)
    I love your tribute to your sweet daughter. Wishing her a very happy milestone birthday!

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