Rosemary,Ironstone and a Christmas mantle

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Can’t believe how fast the time is flying! Today I wanted to share my mantle.As with the rest of my Christmas decor I am keeping it simple.

I added a bit of silver and pine cones.I kept my ironstone pitcher from my fall mantle and added another for my fresh Christmas greens.

I am really enjoying my simpler look this year!
My inspiration comes from this beautiful magazine! Love the simplicity! I am anxiously awaiting the December issue! I am always inspired after reading this beautiful magazine!

                                                     (Photo Source
As I was reading this issue I noticed a rosemary tree.I have never seen one but was determined to find one for my home this year.I love the scent of rosemary too! I was wondering where I could find one.A beautiful blog I enjoy reading and follow is Alabaster Rose Lifestyle. Melinda shared a rosemary tree she found at trader Joe’s ! I was thrilled to here this! And today while I was out I stopped by and picked one up.Did I say how much I love the smell of rosemary! One of my favorites next to lavender.

I just added this to my ironstone tureen.I may have to replant this.But for now it works.And fingers crossed it will survive.I don’t have much of a green thumb when it comes to indoor plants.And this is really meant for outdoors but can handle the inside for a bit too.Any suggestions of how not to kill this are welcome!
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  1. says

    Your little rosemary tree looks cute, but don’t look to me for suggestions on keeping it alive! I’m no green thumb, either, when it comes to keeping indoor plants alive. Your white and silver decorating scheme is very fresh looking and will take you well into the winter. Well done.

  2. says

    No suggestions here but did want to say how beautiful it looks in your tureen. I had one last year but it did not live long. I enjoyed it though while it lasted. Your mantle is gorgeous. I am really enjoying the ‘simple look’ that seems to be very popular this year. I am keeping it simple this year, also. Deb

  3. says

    Your Christmas mantel is beautiful Anne! Sorry I have no suggestions on keeping your Rosemary tree alive but it sure looks beautiful in your white tureen.

  4. says

    Everything looks lovely. One year I bought a rosemary topiary in downtown Houston and drove home – it was 100 degrees and the smell in my car gave me a huge headache. It was lovely though!

  5. says

    Hi Anne, when I was at Lowe’s I saw the rosemary trees and I came very close to buying one but I managed to kill the last one I bought real quick. :(. Love the fresh greens in your ironstone pitchers. I use my pitchers for flowers all the time. They are my favorites. I think it’s the white with the color that makes it just look so fresh and clean. I just started on my decorating today. I need to get busy and finish as there are lots of blog parties to join. Have a super great week Anne. xo

  6. says

    I love your new Christmas decor this year! Your mantel is elegant and serene dressed in simple silver and white. I, too, am waiting on the December JDL issue. Can’t wait to get it! I love it, but just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  7. says

    Hi Anne, no idea on the rosemary but it is a heavenly scent indeed. I am just crazy over that magazine, Jeanne D’ Arc. I was just talking to some gals today about how mesmerizing we find the photography in that magazine. I agree. It’s a great read with a ton of eye candy.

  8. says

    Hi Anne,
    Love your vignettes and so happy you found your Rosemary tree, I find them every year at the holiday season at almost all my local markets, as well as lowes.

    Thank you dearly for gracing your beauty over at my place, it is always great to meet and see new faces and best the comments they leave. I am so going to enjoy getting to know you so much better.
    I too love JDA magazine Jeanne d’Arc Living is the force behind why I create the way I do in JDA style, it is a breath taking inspiring magazine and I never tire of the look and all it inspires.

    I am waiting for the December issue as well, the November one had a lot of holiday Christmas and the December will even be that much better.

    Hope to see you soon,

  9. says

    I saw one at the grocery store before Thanksgiving. Since we were going to be gone, I decided to wait until this week to get it. I hope it’s still there, especially since we won’t have a full sized tree this year. It’s my MIL’s table that’s in the way, next year, we’ll have room.

  10. says

    Your decorating is really lovely! The TJ’s rosemary tree is wonderful! I remember seeing those last year and wanting one. When the holidays are over, I’d put it In a pot of soil and give it sun exposure. We have two rosemary plants outside in the ground currently and they are strong – last almost all through winter! My paper whites I keep near a good lit window, but never in harsh direct sunlight. I can’t wait to see them bloom!

    I adore your darling bob haircut in your profile pic :)

  11. says

    Love the simplicity. Your rosemary tree is perfect in that wonderful ironstone tureen. We have rosemary growing in the garden. Love the fresh scent every time I brush past it. 😉

  12. says

    Anne – I can always pick your photos out of a linky party, you know that? :) Always so beautiful! I love your sweet, simple, natural Christmas mantel! You captured the JDA look just perfectly! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. says

    The mantel is very, very pretty Anne! Love how soft it looks!

    Also – thank you so much for your always faithful visits to my blog. You are so sweet!

  14. says

    I found 2 rosemary trees and put them by our front door. I love walking past and getting a whiff of that lovely scent. I hope I can keep them alive through the holidays!


  15. says

    Your rosemary tree in the ironstone pot is a perfect decoration for winter (and the rest of the year)! I love all white at Christmas, but I usually have to put pink somewhere…I just can’t help myself!


  16. says

    I was excited to find the rosemary myself this year. I bought two for my kitchen table and love them. The only note I have about them is what I read on the instructions enclosed. It said to make sure to water them everyday. It said once they begin to dry out, then there is not much you can do for them.

    Love your beautiful mantel. I tried to go simple, but not sure I succeeded. lol

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