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I have wanted my own creative space for awhile .I was inspired after seeing so many amazing rooms in blogland.Although I don’t think mine comes near any of the amazing ones I have seen I am pretty happy with the results.No need to show you a before photo of the room.It had our pool table/air hockey table in it and we moved that into our basement.I did paint it a fresh coat of white.
Everything was purchased at thrift stores and garage sales with the exception of my mannequin and I purchased that at homegoods.Under this table I have a wooded chest and those suitcases in the back are great for storage too.

The armoire was in our den.I moved it in this room to store supply’s.I replaced the one in our den and I will share that soon.

Found this old screen at a garage sale.The vintage pins are mine I just added them by sticking them in the screen.

Still enjoying my flowers.

Love this desk!The perfect size for this space.I just found that chair yesterday for 4.00! I painted it Annie Sloan Old White and sanded it a bit.I recovered it with a paint tarp that I already had.The basket stores my lace and things.The metal cabinet stores my business cards and things.Not sure about that lamp there.But for now it is fine.

The desk was painted in leftover white paint that I had.It was a custom color so I don’t have a name.I then used Annie Sloan dark wax.I did not like the results.So I washed on a coat of Annie Sloan Old White. I love the soft look!

Love this funky little table.I has a mirror trim.The legs are wood.Not sure if I want to paint the legs or not.But I love this quirky style.

Found this for 8.00 at a thrift store.It is not crystal.But these are still pretty expensive normally.I did not want to hire an electrician right now to hang this.I am on a budget so I bought a plug and added it it.To lengthen it I bought an extension cord.I added a cord cover.The cover ended up being a little short so I had to order another I am still waiting for that.

I chose to hang it and plug it in to the side of the room.I visually like it better in the corner.But I would have to manually plug it in to use it everytime I walk in the room.The outlet that the plug is in now is connected to the switch.

Another view of this room.I may still paint that black shelf.It is storing some things I will be selling at my space.And also displays my daughters fruit painting that I LOVE! That old metal cabinet is also great for storage.

This room gets allot of afternoon sun.That mannequin is adorned with rosary’s  and beads from my friend Jeannie’s space The guilded junqueyard
 I still have lots of tweaking to do.And that will take time.It is so nice to have a special creative space of my own.
I thank all of you that inspired me to do this!
Today is my birthday no painting today.But I will be making my birthday cake or cupcakes I have not decided yet.I don’t mind making my own cake.I love to bake so now I have an excuse!
Do you have a special place of your own?Is it a creative space or a place to meditate and relax.
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  1. says

    I think your space looks awesome! Love your work table. Love the old filing cabinet. Love the chandi. I would love a pretty space like that to create, but I don’t really create so I guess I don’t need the space. Right now, homeschooling takes place on the dining room farm table so that’s my “creative” space.

    Love all you did.

  2. says

    Happy Birthday Anne!!! You did such a fabulous job in your own creative room! I love everything about it.What a fabulous room.Enjoy your birthday.


  3. says

    Hi Anne: Great room and looks so inspiring and quiet. I used to have a creative space in our last home, but not right now. Hopefully I will again soon. I think a person needs one..Happy Wednesday..Judy..Love your desk and how you finished it.

  4. says

    happy bday, anne! hope its great! i remember getting my first craft room–the feeling is awesome, isn’t it?:) the room is darling–love the desk and chair, and your pretty armoire!

  5. says

    I LOVE it! I am working on my ‘blog room’ right now. Having the same thoughts, “I want my own creative space”. Mine won’t be anything compared to yours, but a space our own to do what we love is precious. Congrats to you. It makes me want to have a cup of tea and flip through a decor magazine. :)

  6. says

    Anne it is simply lovely…
    so peaceful!
    My space is somewhat chaotic, I guess it fits me with the hundred different projects I have going.
    Wishing you a lovely day my friend

  7. says

    I just love your new craft room! The finish on your desk turned out fabulous! I’ll have to come back to this when I’m ready to paint a dresser for our guest room. I cna’t pick a favorite thing in your room ’cause I love it all! The floral curtains are so pretty!

    A pretty room for a lovely person. Happy Birthday!!!!

  8. says

    Glad I got in just under the wire to wish you a fabulous b-day! What a great gift to yourself! The sun shining in, that fabulous desk & chair, the cute screen, the fun curtains… the whole room is perfect!

  9. says

    I could be VERY creative in this room. Terrific job all around. I don’t think you mentioned – where did the curtains come from? They are adorbs!

  10. says

    I bought those curtains at a thrift store too! They were 8.00 for the pair!They are made really well and are lined.They looked brand new when I bought them.

  11. says

    You now have a room of one’s own. I love the pretty details you included, and that $4 chair that you just redid–gorgeous! My creative space is my little office area. I go there to think. Thank you so much for sharing your new creative space with us–I love it.

  12. says

    I adore your room. Love the dress form..I have been wanting one so I notice them everywhere. I love your desk and I really love that chair–I can’t believe you found it for $4. Amazing!

  13. says

    Your “creative space” is lovely! The pieces you’ve chosen to fill it with are perfect…your desk and $4 chair are my favorites!!
    Beautiful space…happy creating!

  14. says

    I love your workspace! It’s so pretty and cheerful – perfect for finding inspiration! I have one but it isn’t too pretty. It’s a partially unfinished room in my basement. Still, it’s my space and I love having it! I’ll get it all dolled up eventually. It has some touches now and I ignore the unfinished parts LOL! I found your great blog through Courtney’s link party and am now following, looking forward to reading more great posts! Feel free to visit me at Hugs, Leena

  15. says

    Hi Anne, First thanks for popping into my blog. I am so glad I found your beautiful blog…so much beauty! I love your creative space and its its very inspiring. Well done :)

    Siobhan xo

  16. says

    So soothing! As much as I adore the studios that have bits and piece in every nook and cranny… and I do… I feel more inspired in spaces like yours. Leaves more room for the mind to wander, think, and try new things without being overwhelmed! So glad I found your blog and am now your newest follower! If you have a moment pop on over my blog as I have a post about my studio. Neat and tidy but I love it! Thanks and I will be back soon!!

  17. says

    Happy Birthday! I love how your office/craft room turned out. It’s so romantic looking and feminine. It’s the perfect style for you. What a deal on that beautiful chair you found too!

  18. says

    Happy Happy Birthday! I LOVE what you did to create your space. All of it – the painting, the design and all the rest. Your very talented and your creative space shows it. Found you on Funky Junk and love it!

  19. says

    Hey, Happy Birthday! Your room is dreamy! I wish I had a creative place like this. Mine is in the basement and is not ready to be showcased :) Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  20. says

    Happy Birthday, Anne! What a great space ~ I love all the room you have. Love the wall color and your furniture pieces. You really did a good job furnishing it on a budget. I have that same lampshade that you have on your desk lamp! It is also in my craft/sewing room, but I’m thinking of recovering it.

  21. says

    Anne this is sooooo gorgeous!! What an amazing place to be creative or to just sit and enjoy some quiet…which is the kind of room I need right about now. LOL! You did an incredible job putting this together and we are so glad you linked it up to Inspiration Friday last weekend. We will be featuring it this week so be sure to stop by! :-)

  22. says

    Hi there! I happened to come across your blog and found it to be so charming! Your home and decorating skills are amazing! Everything truly is beautiful and I will gladly become a follower and look forward to your future posts.

    Blessings to you,

  23. says

    Your workspace is wonderful. There are so many sweet little accent pieces.

    I had a room to myself in our former home, but in our present, and final, home I have to work in the garage.

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