A Step Above~Dreamy White Ladder

I have been searching for a ladder for my kitchen.Not to display fabric on.But to place on top of my two cabinets.Oh I love using them for displaying fabric.But I already have two of those.Finding a ladder was not easy.I needed the right size.And I finally found one.

Love how this joins my two cabinets together.Ignore the inner cabinets.I still have not finished that.I will when my daughter goes back to school.
See that old milk cooler/tin?

I added these stick on letters and numbers.Sanded them down and added some antiquing.

My light fixture was originally a brass fixture with glass inserts.I took all the glass off spray painted it and added a little bling.Cost was 10.00.I had to shorten it a bit too.

To make the holders look like candles I added some hot glue drips and antiqued each of them.Cost was free I had everything I needed.

A wood box filled with dried hydrangeas and an old plate.Next to it a white bowl and pitcher.
I may have to adjust my window.Not sure yet.Still playing around.
What do you think?
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  1. says

    That is absolutely adorable! I love the title of your post…such a cute play on words!
    Found you at cowboy up
    hope you’ll stop by for a visit!

  2. says

    That ladder is such a great, original idea! Love the finish and how you have added that great light fixture too. I’ve been a kitchen designer for 24 years and I am very impressed! Visiting from Faded Charm. I am your newest follower.

  3. says

    I love the idea of using a ladder like that! How creative you are to think of that. It adds such a unique touch. That light fixture caught my eye too. Love the way you changed it up.

  4. says

    What a clever idea! Love the way it looks, and you’ve added just the perfect accents. If you’d not said anything I’d have thought the light fixture came that way! Amazing, you did a fabulous job!

  5. says

    Anne that is absolutely so beautiful. Your photos are magazine perfect!!! How lovely and such an inspiration to me today. Have a terrific week!


  6. says

    I really like your use of the ladder. I looks great and ties the two cabinets together. Thank you for linking up to our All Star Block Party. I’m going to feature this today on my facebook and twitter pages.

    Shasta @InTheOldRoad (new follower)

  7. says


    What a pretty kitchen!
    I love how you’ve repurposed the items in your kitchen-the ladder, milk tin, and light fixture, and made them perfectly unique to your design.


  8. says

    That’s a great idea (bunches of great ideas as a matter of fact). Where would I begin? It’s all very creative and really neat. I have a little light not too far from yours – I like your idea enough to see about taking it to new looks … mine’s in the hallway … it could use some sprucing up!

    Great post – came by way of Liz’s Time Travel Thursday – Enjoyed my visit, Thanks

  9. says

    I super love this… I pinned this I love it so much… I might go this way with my kitchen when I get to that part of my house rehab… I LOVE IT!! What an awesome way to decorate….

    Thank you for linking up to the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY!!!


  10. says

    I have always known that Life Isn’t Fair, but that you have found not 1, but 3 ladders is amazing. I have been looking for a ladder for the longest time. I LOVE what you did with the ladder. I actually want one to hang high across the top of my closet to hang my purses.

    I love your entire look!

  11. says

    I love love love that ladder! I’m a ladder freak too and use them wherever I can. Your whole area there looks really pretty and that chandelier is to die for! Wonderful job!

  12. says

    I absolutely love this!!! Pinning it. What a great tip with the hot glue! I am your newest follower. I hope you can visit me sometime :) Also, I would love for you to share this over at my Linky Party that is live now called Rustic Restorations Weekend.

  13. says

    The ladder is an adorable addition! So stinkin’ pretty! I love the entire vingette – looks great! Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  14. says

    Hi Anne – LOVE the ladder, and the look of your kitchen. I just wanted to say congrats on your feature at Cowgirl Up!

  15. says

    This is an incredible idea. The ladder is so clever, as is the light redo. Wow! Is the window hung from the ladder. It looks great! I’m pinning this. And I’m now following.

  16. says

    What a great idea, I’ve been looking at my entry light since we moved here 3 years ago, wondering what I could do with it. I love your idea and will do a copy cat. Hugs ~ Mary

  17. says

    Amazing, love it all!! I have a huge space above my cabinets and have had to get creative with the decorating. I currently have several vintage windows up there.
    Love your “make do” with the brass light fixture – very clever!!
    – Cindy

    p.s. I’m following you :)

  18. says

    I just LOVE this! You did a beautiful job with it. I had to pin it, so I could remember it always!
    Thanks for the lovely post!
    xo Becca

  19. ALM says

    WOW! I LOVE it!!! What a great idea and so creative! I’ve been looking for something to put across my cabinets like that, and now I am going to be looking for a ladder, as well! It is just adorable!!! Ana

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