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Hello Friends hope you all had a great Memorial day weekend.Before we talk about the bling I wanted to thank you all for your sweet comments on my kitchen.I really enjoy reading all of your comments and responding.I am truly blessed to have so many amazing readers.You all inspire me so much.And I thank you! Where do you think I got the idea to paint my kitchen?Well from looking at beautiful photos of kitchens on blogs that I read.We all inspire each other don’t we.
Now on to the bling.

I wanted hardware for our cabinets for a long time.But It was not in our budget for a long time.The cost was more than I wanted to spend on hardware for our cabinets.And I have expensive taste.So I began looking as I was out at thrift shops.Until one day I found enough for all of my cabinets.And even though it was not the finish I wanted I knew I could change that.The knobs had a shiny brass finish and the cup pulls were a fake antique bronze finish.And not a very good one.I was not sure of the finish I  wanted.But I did want them to look a bit aged.I was not sure how I was going to achieve this look so I just winged it.I used a spray on primer first.Next I sprayed black paint on all of the hardware. I thought this would give it some depth.After that I used folkart light red oxide.It has sort of a rusty look.After applying it I decided this was not the look I wanted so I added some Metalic solid bronze by folk art with a bit of folkart metallic.Still not the look I wanted.Then I though what if I use a little green hmmmmm let’s see if I have any.And sure enough I had delta cactus green.I have had this for years.I don’t know if they still make it or not.But I had decide at this point of going with a oxidized copper/brass look.And I think it worked.I liked it so much I followed the same with the rest.I finished it with a clear spray.I am sure there is an easier way to do this.But I was trying to use what I had already to keep the cost down on this hardware.And I am also sure there is an easier way.But I was just figuring this out as I went along.My total cost for  all of the hardware in my kitchen(I have some left to do the desk and cabinet above)I paid 25.00.Not bad for kitchen hardware.And I love that it looks old and is custom too.I only used four of the five colors of paint pictured.

 I can’t tell you how happy I am to have hardware for my cabinets.
I will take a better overall kitchen photo of my hardware and cabinets.But as you know I am getting ready to set up my booth in the mall this week.So my kitchen is a hot mess.I don’t think you want to see photos of that.
Today will be a busy on for me.I am off to set things up in my booth and I need to finish painting and waxing my pieces.I have lots to share very soon.
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    It looks wonderful, Anne! Hardware is so bloomin’ expensive – it’s amazing how much it adds to the cost of fixing up cabinets. It’s so much more rewarding to find thrift store hardware and make them unique with our own colors too.


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    That is the good thing about paint…you just keep adding and dabbing color until you get the look you want. They look great now. Good luck with getting your booth all pulled together. xo Diana

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    Hi Anne, how have you been since we met at the “Shed”? What fun that was!! Your kitchen looks fabulous and the hardware turned out great. I redid my kitchen hardware last winter and you are right…..replacing all of it is expensive. I ended up ordering mine….a bronzy color and they have taken on a mottled look since then, which I love. Hope you have a fabulous weekend…xoxo

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    Fabulous, Anne! I’ve never seen anything in a home improvement store that I like as much as YOUR custom paint job! Look forward to seeing the whole kitchen. 😉

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

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