~~But can you type?~~

Hello Friends I am sorry I have been away from blogging so much lately.But as you know I am up to my neck in projects.And just yesterday my Daughter reminded me that Easter is soon approaching.I have allot to do.I am hosting this year.
But in spite of that I decided to take a little break yesterday.My daughter is off on spring break from school this week.She wanted to go to the library and on our way back she asked to go to the thrift store.One of my favorites too.
Then we spotted this.

And antique underwood typewriter.I have been wanting one of these for awhile now.I just LOVE everything about this.So amazing to have it out displayed.
I did not find this at a thrifty price but still a good one.

Look at these keys.They are pure art to me.I just love the metal,the black,and the different aged color of the keys I LOVE it ALL!!!!

I am so thrilled my daughter spotted this.I went back and fourth decided whether to get this.Because as I said it was not a thrifty find.But in the end I decided it must come in this cottage.
I am finishing up my dining room.I am hoping to be sharing some photos tomorrow.
~~Thank you for visiting.And thank you for all of your sweet comments.I LOVE reading them all.~~
Have a great day.
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  1. says

    I’m so happy to hear that it was lucky enough to come home with you. Vintage typewriters are getting so darn expensive these days, aren’t they? Your daughter has a good eye!

  2. says

    What a great find!! I know it wasn’t a thrifty one, but sometimes you have to splurge. It will look great in your house.

    I love old typewriters. Mine isn’t quite as old – my mom bought it new in 1960, and I even have the original sales receipt because she saved EVERYTHING! It was the machine I learned to type on, and it still works! (wish I could find a new ribbon, though)

  3. says

    I actually Own one of these typewriters. It’s in pretty rough shape from being drug all over the world with me as my mother drug us. But it is one of the things I have managed to hold onto all these years that my grandfather gave to me as a child. Now my son wants me to take it and show it off to his computer typing class. I’m so glad I still have this beautiful WWI Era treasure.

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