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What is it about pink that sets my heart a pitter and pattering?I don’t know but sometimes I am struck by that color and I don’t know why.Oh yes I do love the color pink.Anyone who knows me knows that I do have a weakness for that color.But my direction in decorating is changing.And I don’t have the pink fetish I once did.Well….that is until I saw this….

So pretty in pink.I had to add these dried hydrangea’s.They seemed to be a perfect fit.They are from my garden in the fall.

For now this is in my living room.Do I dare ever paint it white?I don’t know.For now I will enjoy the pink beauty.
I hope you don’t mind me using a little French in my title of posts.My sweet Daughter is learning to speak French in school.She is influencing me to speak it a little too.Oh how I love the French language.It is so sweet to me.Even the accent of one who is French is so sweet to me.
Today I am off to painting.My Annie Sloan chalk paint arrived.And I am excited to try it.I can’t believe I have not tried it yet.I think I am the only one in blog land that has not.I will show some before and after photos of my projects.If all goes well my 90’s cabinet and kitchen cabinets will be soon :-)
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Due to content being stolen I can no longer provide a full RSS feed.I apologize if this is inconvenient.But my photos and written content are important to me.They are mine and for me only to share.I love all of my followers and I hope you will continue to follow along.Thank you for understanding.
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  1. says

    Hi Anne, once, my entire home was pink….very, very soft pink but I moved away from it for over ten years. Now, I am returning. I think pink is in all women’s hearts. We painted our home Cottage White a couple of years ago….best decision ever!

    Lovely post.

    Barb ♥

  2. says

    Love, love, love pink. It’s my favorite color. I decided to redo my living room, as I wasn’t happy with what I was seeing when I took photos, and I’m planning on lots of pink.

    I, too, have a fondness for the French language. I took French all four years of high school, then all 4 years of college. I regret that I’ve forgotten so much of it after all the years since school.

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