vintage metal stool

Vintage Metal Stool

I have seen reproduction pieces like this before but I have never come across an authentic vintage metal stool with a number on the seat like this one. Yes I have stenciled stools with numbers,but to see one that is authentic is a rare find. No need to fluff this photo with roses,because this makes a statement all on it's own. The patina is … [click here to continue to the post...]

seltzer bottle

Getting Ready For A Sale

As you know I am getting ready for the White Lace Cottage sale. It has been fun pulling out pieces,I kind of forgot about some of the things I have. Yes that's how it is when you are in this business of selling vintage treasures. You are constantly shopping and buying pieces. And not all of my finds have a shabby chic look,I also love farmhouse … [click here to continue to the post...]

gluggle jug

Gluggle Jug

Sometimes I surprise myself with pieces that catch my eye,like this Gluggle jug. Interesting name isn't it? This is nothing new,I actually have had my eye on this for many years. And just recently I decided I needed to bring one home. I think the color is something I fell for too. It's definitely a conversation piece. This Gluggle jug is … [click here to continue to the post...]

Angel wings chippy gate

Angel Wings

I love Angel wings,I am not sure what it is that attracts me to them. Maybe it's the pure white color,and the soft wings,and the bit of pure romance. I found a lovely set a few years ago at a garage sale,they were very nice but a bit small. Then I won a set on Decor Steals. It's one of my favorite treasures in my family room,but I still adore … [click here to continue to the post...]

white lace cottage french chandelier dining room

French Chandelier

Yes I enjoy my bling especially when it comes to chandeliers,then I spotted this antique French chandelier and it was love at first sight. There is something about a little glitz and glamor that I have always been attracted too. Even as a child I loved shiny nail polish or lip gloss,that little bit of sparkle always caught my eye. Several months … [click here to continue to the post...]

Sale flyer

It’s Official Save The Date!

It's official White Lace Cottage that's me,is holding it's first Vintage sale! It's soon approaching and I have much to do.  So I will be sharing as I am getting ready for the big day,which is in just a few weeks.....Yikes! But I am super excited,and will be busy going through my treasures ,pricing and setting it all up. I have much to do,so … [click here to continue to the post...]

vintage pink scale farmhouse kitchen white lace cottage

Repurposing Vintage Treasures

Yes I am a vintage gal and being so I love surrounding my self with vintage items,and often repurposing  vintage treasures to use in other ways and not as they were intended. Wow that sort of makes me sound like a rebel,well I guess I am sort of. I don't follow rules when I decorate,I do what I like and surround myself with things I love. This … [click here to continue to the post...]

picnic basket

I Love Vintage Picnic Baskets

I love vintage picnic baskets,and I also love using them. They are useful for so many things,and they are also very pretty stacked up on top of each other. But I must admit I love using these vintage picnic baskets as they were meant to be used. Not necessarily for a picnic,I love the outdoors but I am not an outdoorsy kind of gal. If you know … [click here to continue to the post...]

jewelry holder unique

Vintage Jewelry Stand

I would love to sit here and tell you all very proudly that I made this vintage Jewelry stand,but the truth is I did not. I found it months ago right after I finished my daughters bathroom make over,you can read more about that HERE. But I was busy and just never got around to sharing this. I found this while out shopping,it is so simple I could … [click here to continue to the post...]


My Studio

My studio has been changed a few times,and it may be changing once again. I won't dare show you what it looks like today,because it is a creative space and I have a little mess from my last project I need to straighten up. I also unfortunately spilled milk paint on my carpet,and it won't come out. Trying to figure out what to do,but here are … [click here to continue to the post...]